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  • Fight with my alarm.

    Mutter obscenities.

    Empty my bowels and bladder if i must.

    Occasionally relieve myself sexually in the morning if I didn't get myself off the night before.

    Then get dressed and go do what I must do that day.

    I wish it was natural to wake up the way Tourettes Guy does on the videos. Sometimes I do say similarly coherently stupid or outrageous stuff when muttering obscenities.

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  • recover from hangovers mostly :D

  • scratch and turn on my ps4 >.>

  • administrators

    quick oats for breakfast, then I commute about 5m to my home office… take a moment to revel in the fact that I no longer submit to slavery... also called corporate office work :D

  • Pee

    Check email on tablet in bed… that lazy!

  • Pee generally.

    If I'm alone I'll get on my PC and check everything. If I'm not I'll go down on the one in my bed. :P

  • open my eyes
    stand up
    walk over to the piano, turn on piano
    sit down
    put on headphones
    close eyes

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