Household Tips

  • Every housewife wants her kitchen to be clean. I found a site where there is a huge amount of housekeeping tips. Interested in how to clean grill grates? You will find the answer to this and many other questions on this site.

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  • @Miro, can you link us some more info on soft body tutorials? I prefer zbrush>3ds max as a solution, but nowadays you need to expand it with maya which is not a very nice package to learn.

  • hey, thanks for your input

    ill try to use porn as reference too

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  • administrators

    yes, there's is very specific formula to get realistic sex animation, imo… which is the same regardless of which software you use

    some software like maya/ max gives you more options though and makes the work flow easier

    but the most important thing, especially for beginners is to always reference real life sex (porn), if you don't you'll set yourself up for disaster, what looks awesome to you will likely end up looking like clunky robots butting heads

    physical contact corrections are either achieved with ideally soft body physics/ object collision or correction morphs

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