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    Tel: +27785149508 / +19794644113
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  • @'Tiffany':

    Go ahead and ask your question.

    Ok. This one is for the artists. Calculate the volume(as in displacement) of your main original character in either cubic inches or cubic centimeters. Show us enough about how you did it to convince us that you have the correct result.

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  • Yeah, there was some useless information. If I wanted to actually be accurate I suppose I should have also asked for the depreciation at a rate of something like 1.5 to 3% inflation per year cause it'd end up devalued by 45% to 90% in 30 years. If you take a cash payout, if it's anything like Powerball, you'd only get ~62.79% of it so you'd initially get ~$1.559 billion then get slammed by taxes and come out with ~$1.195 billion.

    Overall you'd probably want to accept the cash payout then invest in mutual funds that have over 6-12% yearly returns that pay dividends so you have money to use monthly, or you could do real estate. CD's used to be good but nowadays most are something shitty like 0.01%, even the best high yield I found is around 1.60% per 5 years at Ally and only 0.99% at 12 months.

    At the 6% rate you'd get ~$71.7m the first year which of course at 12% is $143.4m. Even without figuring in adding to it yearly even at those base figures you'd get around $2.151 billion to $4.302 billion in 30 years - and that's extra, not even counting the initial $1.195 billion ($3.346B / $5.497B). That's around an 180% to 360% increase.

    Just some useful info for anyone that plans on winning lotteries. ;)

    Go ahead and ask your question.

    edit: Oh and if anyone's curious, I did the math for fun just to figure out how much you'd actually get if you did add to it yearly… In 30 years at the 12% rate you'd have $34.22 billion which is a 2764% increase. I got lazy and didn't bother doing the 6% rate, but here's the figures if anyone's curious:

    ! $1.195 billion + 6%/12%

  • No, I really don't enjoy math, but I'll bite. There's a math problem I want to pose, so I'll give it a shot. :)

    I really don't know the rules for this Super Powerball, so I'm going to assume that the pot isn't split and the winner takes it all.

    If there's a trick here, I don't see it. There are some red herrings though. The $30,000/year is microscopic compared to the tax burden from the first installment. Nobody would keep the job just for the money. Even if the job is kept, the income after taxes doesn't contribute to the payout amounts or the total kept.

    Since the smallest payout is over $52 million the winner falls into the highest tax bracket every year. Both taxes together are 25.35%. Since every payout gets that same rate, we can apply it directly to the total. The winner gets to keep 74.65% of the winnings. That's $1,853,559,500.00.

    The payouts after the two taxes, rounded to the closest cent, are as follows:

    1. $39,104,630.80
    2. $40,668,816.03
    3. $42,233,001.27
    4. $43,797,186.50
    5. $45,361,371.73
    6. $46,925,556.96
    7. $48,489,742.19
    8. $50,053,927.43
    9. $51,618,112.66
    10. $53,182,297.89
    11. $54,746,483.12
    12. $56,310,668.35
    13. $57,874,853.59
    14. $59,439,038.82
    15. $61,003,224.05
    16. $62,567,409.28
    17. $64,131,594.51
    18. $65,695,779.75
    19. $67,259,964.98
    20. $68,824,150.21
    21. $70,388,335.44
    22. $71,952,520.68
    23. $73,516,705.91
    24. $75,080,891.14
    25. $76,645,076.37
    26. $78,209,261.60
    27. $79,773,446.84
    28. $81,337,632.07
    29. $82,901,817.30
    30. $84,466,002.53

    As a double check, total these and you'll see that the sum is $1,853,559,500.00.

  • Am I the only one who sees it's a trick question?

  • Yeah, too easy. Sayako could still answer this with a full-on erection.

  • administrators

    ok, Tiffany this one's way too easy, but since I want others to enjoy this as well, I'm going to happily leave this to the next person :D

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