Activity tab can’t be used for dispute a Cash App payment? Contact help team.

  • One of the most useful operations in the app is the Activity tab which in turn controls all the other operations. In order to get the issue fixed, if you’re not able to dispute a Cash App payment, you can navigate to the customer support sites for help. You can also get to the tech support websites for help.

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  • @'c0dist':

    For the uninitiated, can someone please define what photorealistic rendering really means? I've seen several so far and I can usually tell right away that they're CG, or at least not actual photos.

    In computer graphics it's when the artist tries to simulate a realistic aesthetic rather than a stylistic one. Most photorealism isn't going to fool anyone.

  • For the uninitiated, can someone please define what photorealistic rendering really means? I've seen several so far and I can usually tell right away that they're CG, or at least not actual photos.

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  • @'fredfred5150':

    Looking at the link, only certain hairs have textures that look realistic in 3delight, same applies to eyes ;)

    None of the hair looked realistic, it all looks cel-shaded. I've figured out what went wrong and it was a beginner's mistake. Matter of fact, a mistake I made a year ago and didn't see that I needed to correct until I tried this render. I was changing the hair color by changing the diffuse color. All the red and blue from the diffuse texture were filtered out. The correct way to do this is to make a new diffuse texture with the proper colors.

    I can't agree about the eyes. They rendered properly, they're just creepy as hell. The whole face is in the uncanny valley, really. This kind of render just brings it out more.

    Finding out things like this is what experiments like this are [email protected]'fredfred5150':

    but yea, go with what engine you like :)

    Trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer can be just as bad as everything being a nail when your only tool is a hammer. Watching a lot of people make the latter mistake has saved me from doing the same, but I'm going to have to take care not to make that first mistake.

    It's not a question of what tool I like.

  • Looking at the link, only certain hairs have textures that look realistic in 3delight, same applies to eyes ;)

    but yea, go with what engine you like :)

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