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  • Well it's for kids, really… I haven't been in one since I was a kid but I remember they were pretty fun.

  • @'Tiffany':

    and a ball pit.

    I would not have expected such frivolity from you :D

  • I went back and changed some stuff a few times. I'll call this one version 3:

    I went ahead and made most of the house above ground and made it more of a "U" shape with 2 extra bedrooms and an enclosed back yard with a greenhouse. This time it has a normal garage, albeit probably a 4 car one, and I made some nice changes to the driveway. The pink circles along it are cherry blossoms. So, driving down my driveway would just blow your mind it'd be so beautiful lol.

    I also have an outer wall, gate, moat, and drawbridge. Aww yeah.

    I also have a ball room this time, cause why not? A place like this, I imagine people would want to plan events here.

    Taking the grand staircase up takes you to the balcony which just hangs over the backyard more or less but it's been extended from just horizontal to also vertical along the house. If you take it down you enter the underground level. That's where all the fun stuff is.

    So you go down the grand staircase and there's a pool, air hockey room, billiard room, game room, and a ball pit. There's also a few storage rooms, a laundry room, and some public restrooms & showers with individual changing rooms attached to the showers.

    I also threw in a library because I didn't know what to do with the extra room, though I doubt I'd ever fill it up with books and I'm a bit cautious of having a library next to a pool, but eh whatever. Then also inside the library is a really big safe, for all my loot.

    I figure if I ever had kids over I could just tell my guests to let their kids play downstairs and there'd be enough stuff down there to keep them so occupied they'd never want to leave which would allow the adults to have their ball or watch movies or have a bbq or whatever, y'know?

    The place kinda looks like a palace at this point xD… I haven't messed with landscaping stuff for the back yard or courtyard or whatever I'd call it, but I'd make that look nice too. The dark green grass is fake grass so I'd never have to mow and the light green is normal grass cause it's outside the wall and who gives a crap.

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  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who's thought about this.

    I started to design a place for my story's characters to live a while ago, and I'd love to live somewhere very similar. Not really just a home, but also an entertainment and fitness training facility. Here's the old plan I started:

    I really should finish it, but so far…

    There's a huge computer gaming room, pool room, wargaming/boardgaming room, cinema, swimming pool with tunnels you can swim through out to the lagoon, gym, bowling lanes, squash courts, and an indoor sports court for anything like basketball, badminton or soccer.

    There's a music studio completely soundproof down in the basement, and the whole building is surrounded by fields which also contain other sports pitches and assault courses for training and so on.

    There's a host of bedrooms upstairs for the randy lot to pleasure themselves in, though I don't think I'd personally need all those unless 30+ sex hungry alien and human ladies turned up on my doorstep lol. Which of course they would. It's my dream home after all...

    There'd be very little decoration, rather quite minimalist and organized.

    There's a few empty spaces that need filling, but this is the basic idea.

    Also love the idea of the underground garage. There's something similar in my stories where you have to drive down underground to reach a spaceship hangar. There's just something cool about the hidden aspect of it.

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  • I just want covered parking for our cars (preferably a big garage with a workspace) and a wide enough driveway that I don't have to pull my car out in order to let my wife out when she wants to drive her car, or vice versa. Those are things I sorely miss from living at home.

  • I'm an urbanite, so I dream of an apartment at the top of a tall tower, with a big balcony, or roof garden. (think Bruce Waynes penthouse in The Dark Knight)

    Size?, big enough to hold a party, but not so big that it feels lonely when I'm there by myself

    Decor? comfort is king, so lots of soft comfy furnishings

    Any other aspects? I'm not fussy

    Having said all of the above, I live in a neighbourhood I dreamed of as a kid, so I got no complaints :)

  • Baba Yaga's dancing hut

    its bigger on the inside

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