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  • ^^^I second darqmyst's notion above.

    However I feel it important to make a distinction here: There's a difference between being an absolute social retard and just simply preferring to remain out of the public eye.

    I used to think it was cool to be anti social, but having experienced several people in my adult life who are anti-social for reasons of falling short (to put it nicely) in this area of life, I am of the mind that I'm generally willing to give people a chance. See, I look at people who fit the 'alpha' category and realize they too have something I want for myself.

    Being a loner is just that, no more, no less. You are not necessarily better than the others. All the nerds scoff at party animals who drink and go to the club scene; all the socialites get smug when talking about net surfers who refuse to get out of the house and go meet people. See? There's two sides to every story.

    I met someone I'd call a real playboy. I used to scoff at this type. Then I got to know him better and realized he was pretty awesome–a different kind than fellow sac-con/comic con nerds. There's a thing or two the nerds could learn from the generosity of his kind. I consider it a sign of respect for me and my family he didn't fuck my sister (who kind of looks like Supro's Lana BTW) and drop her like a toy--I know with the girls he got on a regular basis to pose nude for his photography (AND a whole lot more), he very well could have done that. Plus my 'little' sister is an adult (almost 22) capable of making her own decisions. I can't protect her forever.

    tl;dr: I think there's a lot of insecurity and jealousy mingled with the scorn alpha males draw from less social people. Some may be assholes surely, but not all. While I'm fairly certain I could wallop this guy and tie him in knots if we ever came to blows, there's something about him which endears him to me. It isn't just the fact he's a sporting personality type of guy. He's a likeable person and human being.

    I've heard stories where some guy beat the shit out of an alpha publicly, but the all girls still came running to the alpha's side. There's a lesson to be learned from that.

    Plus, in the end, we all live in this world together, and all we have are each other. One must eventually grow up and live in the real world among everybody else. Even if we're not all connected, what affects one affects us all. Personally it's my responsibility to take care of the pack and shepherd the herd. A strong sense of individuality does not make you selfish either.

    This may be over-thinking it instead of just giving a simple answer, but at least I am using the brain I've been blessed with.

  • "Antisocial behaviour is a sign of intelligence in a world of conformity"- unknown

    I'm a lone wolf that has learned to turn on the chameleon in public or the workplace. My birds of a feather consist mostly of other lone wolves in one way or another. But at my core, definitely lone wolf.

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  • @'korezaan':

    can i be all three?


    Ok, no-ones allowed to be all three (unless you're schizophrenic or a sociopath!)

    can i be all 5 ? or 6 ?

    also, after how many beers are you speaking ?
    0 (sober) Lone wolf
    2+ Chameleon
    5+ Bird of a feather
    too many to remember: something completly different

  • I vaguely agree with Tiffany, though I 1) have basically been the dumb kid of the smart group or the smart kid of the dumb group all my life, 2) have an inferiority complex rather than the other way around, 3) am vaguely introverted but used to be the biggest extrovert (can't pinpoint when the switch happened), and similarly I used to only know the emotion of anger but now I'm largely calm about everything.

    For the list of traits I'd remove extreme egocentricity from Tiffany's fillout but everything else would be the same - that being said I'm told I'm very self-centered so maybe that one should have an x.

    However, I don't mind being called a sociopath/psychopath. The characters I like the most are also called sociopath/psychopath in their description, so it's perhaps even a welcome confirmation.

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  • After reading your spoilers Tiff (especially the first) all I will say is: If ignorance is bliss, what is the opposite? ;)

  • None of them fit with your definitions.

    If I go out it's the chameleon crap but if I'm with friends it's the like minded thing and if I want to be alone it's the lone thing. But I'll just say I'm a sociopath and take all 3 as a cop-out anyways! :D

    To get serious for a sec… I don't like the definition of sociopath since it includes being anti-social and being bad with groups of people, but I probably fit the rest of it to some extent. I posted this on another forum awhile back, I'll just paste it here:

    ! I think that I'm so intelligent and have always been so intelligent that it's started to make me a bit inhuman, and it worries me. I think that it's a superior state of existence but at the time I feel like I've lost something important.
    ! See, regardless of what I'm doing (save for rare instances) I've always been able to be completely calm and logical, completely devoid of emotional reasoning. But the problem is that so many people can't see things logically. People in general are just so damn emotional and some of the most simple logical things people just don't understand, can't accept the reasoning of, can't accept obvious facts. It's an illogical emotional response and I can't understand it. Or rather, I understand it but I can't understand how people can't see the logical side of a thing as well rather than only the emotional side. It annoys me how it extends to such a great extent across so many people.
    ! And it's bad, because I've developed somewhat of a severe superiority complex. I'm conscious of it though, and even self-conscious of it. For awhile I even started to believe that maybe I really was shallow and conceited as some people (albeit worthless trash) told me I was. I started to think maybe it was true, but it's not and it never was.
    ! To be conceited I would need an excessively favorable opinion of my abilities or appearance. Is it excessive if it's firmly rooted in reality and I'm really just superior to most people? Intellectually if you consider it, most people are of an "average" intelligence, thus the name. So if you are above average intelligence by any significant margin then you are then intellectually superior to a good ~50% or more of society, or rather humanity in general. That being the case, is it being conceited or is it being a realist?
    ! Going through every class growing up being the smartest one there, many times being the only one that could answer a teacher's questions, and on several occasions even correcting the teachers when they were wrong, being able to skip classes or sleep through them and still get perfect scores on the tests without fail, is that a reality of being conceited or a reality of being superior?
    ! And again in my love life. I started to believe I was shallow, or rather superficial. But that would mean that I only care about things on the surface. But that isn't true either. I'm incredibly picky when it comes to looks, perhaps even excessively so, but it's not just looks. I'm also incredibly picky about personalities and other qualities. So can that be shallow or superficial? I think it just makes me incredibly picky. Perhaps even a bit anal retentive or obsessive compulsive about it even, but not shallow I don't think.
    ! But what worries me is that knowing these things has started to make me less human. I don't respond in a natural expected way to situations, I don't speak in a natural expected way with the expected emotional response. I even have a problem where I just assume that other people will take what I'm saying logically and see the reason in it rather than have an emotional response but that just distances me from them. I don't understand how they think, and they can't understand how I think. I suppose the difference is that I can understand their actions but they can't understand mine. It's a real bother.
    ! I think one of the worst things possibly beyond the above is that I seem to have largely lost morality and empathy. If I feel attached to someone or something I will feel empathy but unlike most people I simply don't feel empathy for the things they do. I don't feel empathy for other people or animals, not without some sort of connection to them. Am I desensitized? Detached? Perhaps both? I don't know. It seems like a problem though.
    ! I don't really like talking about this because if people hadn't noticed then it just brings it into light and then they expect me to be self-conscious of it and try to "fix" myself, which obviously I can't do. It's just how I am.
    ! I dunno… Is it bad to be like this? Is it wrong that I've become so different than the majority, or is it better? I can't help but feel that it makes interaction more difficult despite having always been pretty popular and never really having had a problem having friends or a social life. Despite that, I can't say I've ever had all that many real friends. Most friends are friends enough that you would certainly call them friends and maybe go to one another's homes, hang out, do things together and so on... but it's such a superficial relationship. I can't help but feel like if I tried to have a long talk or debate with the vast majority of people that I know that there would just be nothing there, it would just be the same story, and I know that and it makes me sad that such a thing is reality.
    ! I'm not even really sure what I'm trying to say, but I guess you can just tell me what you think. Maybe that will help.

    More after:

    ! I understand every range of emotions (and have experienced them as well myself), I just largely don't give a shit. I've never really had trouble understanding people or their emotions. It's bothered me that so many people can't see the logical side of things but no, I've always understood it.
    ! I wouldn't care if someone called me intelligent, but introverted I'd probably take issue with - not because it's offensive, but because it simply isn't true. I'm actually an extrovert, believe it or not. I'm not shy at all around people and I'm actually pretty outgoing and enjoy the company of others.

    ! sociopath - a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.
    ! psychopathy - a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.
    ! psychopathic personality - 1) an antisocial personality characterized by the failure to develop any sense of moral responsibility and the capability of performing violent or antisocial acts

    1. a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings ('psychopathic personality' was once widely used but was superseded by 'sociopathic personality' to indicate the social aspects of the disorder, but now 'antisocial personality disorder' is the preferred term)

    ! []antisocial
    [x]capable of violent acts without feeling guilt
    [x]lack of a sense of moral responsibility
    [x]lack of social conscience
    []lack of ability to love
    ]lack of ability to establish meaningful personal relationships
    [x]extreme egocentricity
    [_]failure to learn from experience
    ! It just doesn't fit. It's about a 50/50 hit-and-miss. I mean sure, I may exhibit some sociopathic personality traits but I most certainly lack others. That's why I don't like some big blanket term like that which automatically groups someone into all the categories even if only some are true.

    That'll probably tell you more about my personality than you ever wanted to know. :cool:

  • Ok, no-ones allowed to be all three (unless you're schizophrenic or a sociopath!)

    Pick which one most closely represents the predominant aspects of your personality and social interaction :)

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