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  • Have you checked out Renderotica lately? Theres a guy posting under the nick of Erogenesis. Got an overhauled figure called Lali which has really nice looking pussy prop and in general he has tweaked V4 quite heavily.

    Probably a good idea to try and work with him and see what comes out of it.

  • administrators

    Well that puts M4 gens out of the running. Spose Daz is one of those "proper" companies even afraid to touch nudity, but hey leaves the door open for a good adult figure. I think someone should pick up that ball eventually. There's a thought matt :)

  • Yap. It's a double headed dildo.

    If I'm not mistaken, you're using Satanica's right? If I remember correctly, it has a lot more polygons than M4 default gens. For larger sizes, you have to do some custom morphs so it will look 'right'. UVs will likely have to be reworked as well.

  • administrators

    Holy…!! nice work there =) Very hot!
    So she's sticking something up her butt as well? She's having the time of her life isn't she :D
    You can tell by the mess she's making!

    Yes looks like M4 is an option, however I'm concerned with the low poly count of the penis, which is basically the main problem with the M3 gens that I use. As far as I can tell it really only works for small dicks. I run into all sorts of issues when working with larger packages. Like there's not enough flexibility with the rig, the model looks too low poly and I can't even get displacement or normal maps to work.
    In general it's the right concept though, cept that while we're at it we may as well include the ass as well :D I think the best way is to create a new cock-pussy-ass model from scratch... the only thing I really lose is the textures, which I usually rework anyway.

  • A little something for miro.

    And a close up shot.

    So, I thought about your idea and decided to see what can be done with the M4 Genitals. I disabled the limits for the scrotum size dials to try to get the smallest ball sac I can. Then I send it to Hexagon to clean up the 'leftovers'.

    In the middle of that, I realized that you can actually use the scrotum mesh for a vagina. The polygon count was certainly high enough. If you look at the close up shot, you'll see a hole (and the bad mesh editing I did). This was done in one day though, so I think you might want to look into that. Together with a little texture work, I think it can be what you want it to be.

    Here's a default shot.

    There's certainly room for a vagina below the shaft.

  • you naughty boy!

  • administrators

    yeah 10 cm should give a decent width =)
    of course some test shots to confirm would be nice :D

  • With 12 inches, two girls can use both hands at the same time.

    For my vagina graft, the girth is the most important factor. I'm aiming for 4 inches wide, roughly 10 centimeters. That's about the size of the birth canal, fully dilated.

  • administrators

    hehe, with the 12 incher she's got something to hold on to though… with both hands :)
    she looks really sexy from behind as well!

  • This time I wanted to get a look/feel for proportions.

    From what I can gleam from IAFD, most female pornstars have a height of 5'6, give or take a few inches. Using that measurement, I dialled V4 with S4 Proportion dials to 0.75 petite which is about the same. Then I made some morphs and mess around M4 Genitals a bit to get three options (length and diameter): 6-1.5 inch, 9-2 inch and the magical 12-2.5 inch.

    6-1.5 inch.

    9-2 inch

    12-2.5 inch

    I'm using Rob since the texture/color kinda hides the texture stretching. Was too lazy to make a new UV layout, it's just a quick test anyway. Judging by these shots, most real-life pornstars seems to fall within 6-9 inches. Even the ones who are claimed to be larger.

    With Petite set to 0.75, V4 hands just about completely encircle the cock at 1.5 inch. So that puts her palms seems to be about 3 inches from the pinky to the index finger. I think these proportions are quite close to life, based on the two hand rule.

    Another set of renders, with a different POV.




    To me, 12 inch is simply ridiculous and looks too fake (size fetish aside).

  • administrators

    you nailed the expression on her, very nice! … and the skin looks great on both

  • Both Poser and DAZ Studio will be supported, well, at least that's the plan.

    No mesh smooothing. The stockings already came with some adjustment morphs. There's actually a little pokethrough there in the left knee.

    I gave mesh smoothing a try the other day, it's kinda of a hit and miss affair. On some clothing it works like you're using dynamic clothing. On others - perhaps those with a different mesh topology than V4, it's a garbled mess. In short, when it works, it's great and you can bake the changes into morphs.

    One of the hardest material to get right is dark skin. I don't have any female textures, so I thought I try something with Rob. By far the best texture for dark skinned M4.

    I started with the same setup as V4. She's mostly just there as a control tool, so I hope she don't mind I have fun with her a bit.. Wanted to get very dark skin, the term black as coal comes to mind. The velvet settings still needs some adjustment, but I think the look works nicely with my EHSS preset I already have.

  • My guess is mesh smoothing on the stockings, but some stockings actually fit quite well even without this.

    Downside to this smoothing is often distorted meshes in very small angles like when the shins are almost touching the thighs you end up with a garbled mess around that area. They really got a messed up algorithm for the smoothing tbh.

  • administrators

    ok I see what you mean now geografting as in a daz only feature? is there a way to port that to poser at all though? or would you just make this for daz users?

    yes a confirming prop would be solution for poser users I spose

    and yes the butt and legs turned out really nice, really no post on the stocking? I can't for the life of me get stockings to work… just too much effort, maybe need to give it another shot

  • Geometry switching is doable I suppose, but it would take an insane amount of work to get that working with morphs and etc. Outside of geografting, using a conforming prop (not a smartprop) is the way to go.

    Just did some renders.

    I really like how the butt area look in this shot. :-)
    Always like the ass more than the breasts. When I look at that, I can't decide whether to work on M4 or the anus graft.

    And of course the legs.

    No more of the Genesis feet stuff anymore. Meh.

    The 'covered' version

    Both the teddy and the stockings come from Boudoir Whispers for V4. I really like this outfit - both panties don't curve downward when you bend the legs forward. Didn't even have to add morphs or magnets.

  • administrators

    I'm just wondering as long as you just replace hip and it's just a high poly version that shouldn't affect the rigging right, you just have to name appropriately, hmm but the material grouping would have to be redone and the you'd have to uv map the entire figure again and re-texture her I assume.

    So the attachment is prob the way to go and if custom morphed it will pretty much give you the same results as a "built in" version. Yep extrusion and sub division is what I'll be doing, but I don't think I'll be using the current shape at all it's just too low poly for anything constructive, I think I'll just force that area inwards.

  • Thanks miro.
    I wanted to have a different style of rendering unlike your typical DS/Poser render or what you can get from vray and other high end renderers. A way to differentiate my renders.

    You idea is Interesting. Makes me think of Misty Moon Metropolis.

    From what I've seen so far, your best bet is to start with the hip/thigh mesh and extrude the polygons where you want the object positioned. That's what I'm doing anyway. The vagina area don't have much polygon, but I generally prefer to work with low polycount first and add details/selective subdivision later on.

    Since adding new polygon is off limits, I needed a graft to completely model the vagina & anus, one that's more anatomically correct than what's already available.

    Custom fits is the way to go if you want to have the widest support. If you use DS4, you can try some of that mesh smoothing/collision for a better fit or at least a base for a fit.

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