Not able to approve payment in Cash App? Dial Cash App Phone Number.

  • To make a payment you have to first approve it by entering the PIN code or by giving your fingerprint. But if you can’t do so, then you must get assistance from the tech support sites that’ll provide you help. You can also dial the Cash App phone number to get assistance.

  • Too late but can't believe no one got the obvious snack. Don't even need to change the name… Ding Dongs :P

  • The game's over but I just had to throw this out there…

    Dicks Ahoy!

  • cocky road ice cream (rocky road)
    twiddlers (twizzlers)

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  • my-a-hole (milo)
    "frosted" flakes - they're greeeeaaat!
    cream pie (same name but "slightly" different preparation… :P)
    semen sundae
    dick in a blanket (pig in a blanket)

  • S & M's

  • New hashtag is up!

  • Asstralia!

  • Ethihoepia
    O-Man (like orgasm man! ps Oman is a country)
    Schlongziland (Swaziland)

  • Outer Dongolia (Outer Mongolia)


    Trinidad and Teabag-o (Trindad and Tobago)

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  • Cockada
    Semen (Yemen)
    Ivory Coast (lol unchanged)
    Chick Republic
    Finland (unchanged… mermaid porn?? lol)
    Isle of Man (unchanged... gay flick?)
    Semen Islands (cayman islands)
    Cock Islands (Cook Islands)

  • coz its actuality: Fuckraine

  • The United Cumdom
    United Sluts of Analrotica
    Ur-a-peein' Union

  • New hashtag update with a minor rule change.

  • wth? that's not cool

    I don't care about the points, I'm just doing this for fun. You should at least pick the best one and only count that one if you're only going to allow one.

  • Your power-plays are not working out. Rule is only the first one posted would be counted.

  • Tiff's making a power-play. I gotta defend my position :P

    The Elder Roles III: Morewind (real: The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind)
    Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare (real: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare)
    Star Whores: The Old in Public (real: Star Wars: The Old Republic)
    Call of the Head (real: Call of the Dead)
    Captain America: Super Soiler (real: Captain America: Super Soldier)
    Porthole 2 (real: Portal 2)
    Uncarded 3: Bait's Deception (real: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception)
    Shaggin Age II (real: Dragon Age II)
    Gapes of Whore 3 (real: Gears of War 3)
    Douche Ex: Human Intrusion (real: Deus Ex: Human Revolution)
    Need for Speed: The Cum (real: Need for Speed: The Run)
    Asses in Need: Back Flag (real: Assasin's Creed: Black Flag)
    Paddlefield: Viet-Dom (real: Battlefield Vietnam)
    Thor: God of Plunder (real: Thor: God of Thunder)
    The Pitcher 2: Asses of Kings (real: The Wither 2: Assassins of Kings)
    Fap Fap Dance (real : Tap Tap Dance)
    DP Universe Online (real: DC Universe Online)
    Ex-Men: Best Tranny (real: X-Men: Destiny)
    The Lord of the Cock Rings: The Two Hours (real: The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers)
    Cry, Sis 2 (real: Crysis 2)
    Silent Thrill: Home Cumming (real: Silent Hill: Homecoming)

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