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  • @'komblkaurn':

    To answer your last question, the quality of render that Vray can create far surpasses (IMO) the capabilities of 3Dlight and Firefly renderers, or any direct plugins to Daz or Poser. Vray and the programs it plugs into do take time to learn and can add complication; while complication is not always a good thing, it is indicative of the amount of control you have over the final render.

    I'm not agreed! Octane Poser plug-in is simply marvelous, offer you a REAL TIME render & the first engine fully unbiased (based only on your graphic cards).
    Render done in Octane are quite impressive, very near of what Vray do with less time to prepare & setup your scenes, less expensive, easy to use & learn.

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  • I think i'm gonna try Modo. A lot of people from maya switched to it because it has very good modeling capabilities and a very intuitive workflow- on top of that, vray is getting implemented into it in the near future i hear =D

    they seem to have a very good community as well, and the company is constantly looking to improve its product- it is a newcomer in the field compare to giants like 3dstudiomax, maya, however.

  • I have used C4D with Vray in the past, and am currently using 3dsMax 2014 with Vray 3.0. I highly recommend using Max, it just really makes things simpler and is always the first priority for new versions of Vray. Importing scenes and updating them is easy and forgiving, it allows for materials with sub-materials which (for me) is much easier to use than C4D's material tags. It is taking me a while learn and mess around with everything, but I hope to have some creations of great quality in the not-too-distant future.

    Rendering has always been a weakness of Daz and Poser, it just takes too much time to render something that still doesn't have the quality of a high-end renderer.

    To answer your last question, the quality of render that Vray can create far surpasses (IMO) the capabilities of 3Dlight and Firefly renderers, or any direct plugins to Daz or Poser. Vray and the programs it plugs into do take time to learn and can add complication; while complication is not always a good thing, it is indicative of the amount of control you have over the final render. On top of that, learning to use professional programs can give you some experience with 3D outside of Daz/Poser, in case you want to do something besides 3DX.

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