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  • My favourite there is deffinately Mistress for christmas :)

  • Cool restraining (programming?) device :)

  • Been awhile; hope this turned out ok.

  • Nice work, really!

  • I was in a weird mood today; so I made this. Now to dig around my weapons subdirectory; gotta find something big enough to fire piglets!

  • Our Uncle is back.

    I'm in a pleasantly sadistic mood now after seeing these pictures. evil grin Your works may sometimes do that for me.

  • Another massive delay; but here's something far superior to the last dumbass pic.


  • Sorry about the massive delay; just had some major surgery and am about 1/2 though the recovery part of it.

    I did make a 3d picture; so I thought I'd put it up here.

    Uncle Sickey

  • Nice work man!!

  • More bullshit from Uncle today.

  • I hope this is the start of something like "Space babes" by TDM ;)

    You have a name which requires living up to :D

  • something new

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