How To Move Quicken To New Computer?

  • If you are looking forward to finding out the ways to Move Quicken To New Computer, then surely this is the right place to get your answers. The only thing that you need to keep in mind before starting the process is that you install the same version of the Quicken over the new computer also. Take a pen drive and insert it into your system. Open the Quicken and then copy the files in the pen drive connected. Eject the pen drive carefully and then connect it on the new computer and there just copy the files again in the new designated folder. The process will get completed. If you want expert help for it, then contact with the Quicken support team of Quicken.

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  • Hm.


    The last scene really messed with my head

    That? watches demo HAH. That isn't nearly as bad as I expected. Mind you it's no pleasure cruise either.

    Since we're going for generally anything…

    San Diego apartments just off university avenue, where the sewage system for the ENTIRE complex backed up into every one of them. About 1 ft deep of just shit sludge. We're talking two buildings, three floors each. They had about 350 apartment rooms total. In a recently reformed neighborhood that used to be a cracked out gangster ghetto. Place was cool while it lasted, parties and university students looking to get their freak on during the weekend.

    A 700 lb ham planet who had something festering between her thighs under that dress, crawling out of the folds in her cellulite wrinkled skin all around her midsection. Would not surprise me if she was the patient of that doc on reddit telling me his O.R. horror story a couple weeks ago. She had pretty much festering 5-12 month old refrigerator gunk and shit crawling out of the folds of her fat. Smelled horrible.

    Seeing the gruesome aftermath of a car crash where someone's entrails spilled out all over the street, and one other person had part of their skull missing with their brain coming out and God only knows what was coming out their mouth. Their eyes had popped out of their sockets.

    Some young lady wearing a miniskirt shit herself with diarrhea at a mall coming down the escalator...while I was in the adjacent food court at the landing no less. Which in turn caused several (myself included) to heave.

    I have some tales from some 100 mile drives I took with my former roommate who was a mortician and he was on body delivery. Those lovely hot nights and days with dead bodies and no AC. Anyone interested?

  • @'Tiffany':

    I've learned to just take their word for it when someone says something is nasty. xD

    That is wise XD

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  • I've learned to just take their word for it when someone says something is nasty. xD

  • Damn it! now I have to watch the thing to see what the fuzz is about.

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  • @'Supro':


    Why indeed, I can watch anything but that last scene was just…......I can't even think of an appropriately horrible way to describe it.

  • @'fredfred5150':


    The last scene really messed with my head


    The worse thing was I was about to review that title for the site, then that happened.

  • Somehow, I get a distinct feeling I should not follow the links …

  • This

    The last scene really messed with my head

  • M&Ms, really? Shit, and I thought My Little Pony porn was weird.
    I've never seen 2 girls 1 cup, can't say it's something I regret :D

  • I'm actually glad I never saw 2 girls 1 cup or tubgirl or any of that other disgusting shit like that.

  • Two Girls, One Cup.

    Cannot unsee.

  • This:

    I really wish I could unsee it.

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