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  • Yeah, a mix, sometimes more of the other depending on the game. I play a lot of Battlefield, Planetside, Titanfall and I've played ridiculous amounts of Halo in my life. In Battlefield vs Titanfall you need more strategy in Battlefield of course but when it comes down to when you run into people skill comes more into play.

    The part I like most about shooters is when you understand how people think and can predict what they will do next, getting into their heads and outplay them that way is always great fun :)

  • Oh, I just remembered a shooter I really liked…. The entire Mass Effect series.

    Fallout 3 & Fallout: NV were pretty fun too once through.

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  • tough one. i feel like play a mix of both. such as halo and just recently titanfall

  • same as Tiff, only shooter was apb for the fashion.
    when it comes to shooter i have 2 left hands, get killed & bored.

  • The only shooter I ever really got into was APB: Reloaded because it's more like an MMO with progression and clothes you can buy and a ton of customization (insane amount!) stuff.

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