When do I call Cash App Phone Number for card?

  • Cash app team monitors your account regularly to confirm there is not any fraudulent activity. If they found any such kind of activity there, then they prevent you to make any transaction for further. It happens to avoid more fraud cases. If any amount is deducted from your account, then you will get a refund automatically after completing the investigation. For more, use Cash App Phone Number.

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  • It's been a whole day and nobody's answered you yet? Sheesh!

    Geo-grafting is a DAZ thing. It's a technique for replacing part of the base mesh with a 'fit-to' prop. If you're using V4 in Poser it's not something you can take advantage of. To use geo-grafts your base model has to be rigged with TriAx weight mapping. That I know of, only five figures do that; Genesis, Genesis 2F, Genesis 2M, DAZ Horse 2 & DAZ Big Cat 2. It's possible to convert V4 over to TriAx, but it would be a nightmare. None of your injection morphs would work correctly any more and none of the clothing would fit right. Not worth it.

    You've already said you don't want a prop, but isn't a prop exactly what Erogenesis uses for Lali's pussy? If you want that level of functionality, you'll need a good prop.

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  • Thanks for the replies.

    Lali's Bits does an OK job, but in really extreme side/bend thigh poses the tailbone area often has that annoying sharp canyon that I always have to dial back with the Ass Poser Y parameter buried deep in the morph when you select Hip. Anyone else have this issue?

    I use Poser with Firefly currently. I have Luxrender and after messing around with it for a few renders it was clear that I should probably just crank out a ton of renders in Firefly first to get my feet wet, Luxrender seems like too powerful of a tool for me at the moment.

    I'm getting up and running with Zbrush for this and other issues, at the end of the day it gives you the most control.

    hzr, can you elaborate on geografting? There's so much to be learned!

    I think a really useful resource for those of us coming into 3D from a desire to create 3DX (like me!) would be a tutorial series dedicated to strictly 3DX-related topics. For example, a whole tutorial on working with the anus, or oral sex, or an overview of different genital props, their pros and cons…etc. Perhaps I could try to get something like that off the ground after another 6 months of working on this stuff! XD

    Meanwhile, I'll dial in some renders and start experimenting with Zbrush and texturing to get some feedback. That may take a while though... XD


    There will be somebody crazy enough to do this someday though.

    LOL. I'm definitely crazy enough to do it, whether or not I can eventually develop the skills required to pull it off remains to be seen. I'm quite at home working in other digital media, but the 3D learning curve is quite steep, may take a while…

    Just for the hell of it, what would be a good learning path as far as tools, workflow, etc. to actually pull this off? More Zbrush?

    Another strategy I'm considering is to build a little arsenal of figures of eith full body or just partial body parts that are each customized for specific poses, sex acts, etc. I think I read somewhere that Blackadder does this for anal sex. A little tedious, but ultimately it seems like it would a great time saver.

  • @'hzr':

    I would guess that someone has to come up with a decent prop for that area which is geografted. Otherwise you will always end up with stretching issues and non matching textures. Or in the case of smartprops, misaligned intersecting geometry that looks out of place and just attached. Probably the toughest area to present in 3dx renders.

    Then the question is why nobody has come up with a good geografted anus yet? Genesis has been out for years.

    These are the reasons I think:

    1. It's not an easy task.
    2. Most of us are all focused on the image we're working on, so we just do the minimum to make that image work.
    3. We all think that somebody else is already working on the solution, so we don't want to risk wasting our time on it. Let's call that "The Erogenesis Effect". :P

    There will be somebody crazy enough to do this someday though.

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  • I would guess that someone has to come up with a decent prop for that area which is geografted. Otherwise you will always end up with stretching issues and non matching textures. Or in the case of smartprops, misaligned intersecting geometry that looks out of place and just attached. Probably the toughest area to present in 3dx renders.

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  • administrators

    the issue is usually stretched polys with the ass more than anything. If you're using Lali's bits the ass should look decent, but may still require some manual morphing adjustments. If it looks stretchy then it's not necessarily the texture but the geometry. Use a tool such as zbrush to fix it. Don't think you mentioned whether your using Poser or Daz?

    The texture setup also depends on which renderer you're using? Usually for a good butt render you just need a high quality high-res map, with a good bump map and some spec.

    You may want to post some screenies to get a more specific answer :)

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