Is Cash App Phone Number help for anonymous payment?

  • Making an anonymous payment on Cash app is very easy, you can use your $Cashtag feature here. $Cashtag is a unique identifier for every user which is created by the user itself. It is basically a URL that you send your friends and family to make a secure transaction. If you have any issues and want to sort it out, then press here to get a Cash App Phone Number.

  • Personally I prefer porn at like 480-540p nowadays. Some old porn that looked good back in the day at resolutions that were normal back then look like total shit now due to the resolution.

  • My $0.02:

    I have an HD screen so I want HD content. Otherwise I would be better served by an old CRT running at 640x480 or something. At least then the SD porn would be full screen and not a tiny little square off in the corner that you have to squint to see, but looks like a bunch of lego blocks when you zoom it in :P



    Whats the deal with HD porn?
    95% of pornstars aren't pretty enough for that level of resolution yet every company insists on churning out HD content.
    Who wants to see the inside of an asshole at that resolution anyway?

    even more intriging is the (mesured) fact that when arousal triggers, our visual centers dont work as much - ie, we dont look at whats happening.
    (at 4.12)

    That's specifically true for women (just quoting your video).

    I think men are much more visual regarding sex.

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Whats the deal with HD porn?
    95% of pornstars aren't pretty enough for that level of resolution yet every company insists on churning out HD content.
    Who wants to see the inside of an asshole at that resolution anyway?

    even more intriging is the (mesured) fact that when arousal triggers, our visual centers dont work as much - ie, we dont look at whats happening.
    (at 4.12)

  • Whats the deal with HD porn?

    95% of pornstars aren't pretty enough for that level of resolution yet every company insists on churning out HD content.

    Who wants to see the inside of an asshole at that resolution anyway?

  • I live on avocados. Every single day. Would die without them!!! We'll maybe not… But Still one of my favorite things to eat.

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  • I don't really like avocados all that much but you could probably try putting them in your fridge at the end of day 2 before you go to bed since it'll slow it down and if that's the goldilocks zone for your avocados then you might be able to have it that next day.

  • What's the deal with avocados? I never seem to be able to enjoy them. I buy a few and leave them to ripen, checking each day to see if they've softened and turned dark. Day 1: nothing. Day 2: still hard. Then something magically happens overnight and on the morning of Day 3 they're overripe and need to be trashed.

    Damn you, avocados! I WILL figure out your secret.

  • The same reason people watch movies, play video games, read books, listen to music, or tune into television. Everyone's just looking for some kind of escape. Everyone has their own way of coping. Some people just let it get unhealthy and take it too far, and that goes for drug addicts as well as alcoholics and even extremely obsessed fandoms. It even goes for reclusive shut-ins.

    It's all the same story, just different vices, that's all. The truth to any of these is that they're probably all fine up until a certain point, it's just when someone loses self control and it takes over their life that it becomes a problem.

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  • Why do people do drugs? My definition of drugs includes alcohol in case yours doesn't.

    For reference my history with recreational drugs is completely clean.

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