Does Cash app help to describe its functionality?

  • Cash card offers to make a transaction and withdraw money from ATMs. Make sure, you are only allowed to withdraw Cash app balance from ATM. This card is issued by Sutton Bank that works on direct deposit. It is basically a unique user’s account. For further, see Cash app help you.

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  • @'jbtrimar':

    The back of the shoulders are better as well.

    yup. the way the arm pits meet the body always bothered me. so happy with V4WM right now.

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  • The back of the shoulders are better as well.

  • just to show how bad it was, and how good it now is. here's a comparison. notice her shoulders look better as well.
    these are the same poses. the weight mapped figure's legs are more open even though the "side to side" are zeroed on both figures. so unless i goofed something up, poses might need tweaking.


    this is V4.2 BTW

  • thanks jbtrimar. i ended up putting the W4WM_helper_bones.pz2 and Victoria 4.2_weight_pose.pz2 files in
    C:\Program Files\Smith Micro\Poser Pro 2014\Runtime\Libraries\Character\DAZ People
    i just had to point to those files when running the script. needed to tick the "Use Poser temp location" to get around the permission to write to the program files folder.

    i'm happy to report she has a better ass now when bent over. no more narrow ass problem. :D


    it will still need tweaking with morphs but it's a hell of a lot better than stock, or the "perfect" morphs.
    now to figure out how to add weight mapping to her clothes. i always get side tracked before getting them clothed :P

    thanks again.

  • .py is a Python file extension. The files will be in "Runtime\Python\poserScripts".

    .pz2 is a Pose file. Those are USUALLY in "Runtime\libraries\Pose".

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