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  • Well, since the entire world (China, North America, South America, Europe, Great Britain, India, Russia, Israel, Australia) are in no way sustaining, let alone increasing their population base, in a generation or two there will be more Japanese, African, and Middle Easterners than the rest of the world combined!

    Who knows, the trend could change, but the way things are looking right now, Muslims are going to take over both a dying Europe and a growing (if starving) Africa, with their ever increasing birthrate. Japan will eventually sweep into the far east, taking over Korea and a 'civil-war-torn' China, then make an uneasy alliance with the Muslims.

    In the meantime, Great Britain and the U.S., sinking into the slow decay of overgrown socialism, will still be sending diminishing troops and drones here there and everywhere, as the leaders of the U.N. ever try to look like they still have things 'well under control'.

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  • At the moment, I don;t think anyone's stupid enough to think they can fight a war and not fuck themselves over or nuke the entire earth so I don't think it'll happen soon.

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  • I would agree with Tiffany that Russia is acting pretty belligerently right now, very war-like indeed, but I think they are too smart to do something this stupid.

    China probably has the resources and manpower to contemplate world domination but again the Chinese seem too pragmatic to do something with guns and bombs that they could do with economic means.

    My guess is some kind of rogue state (read as North Korea) doing something stupid because of their fanatical ideology which drags the rest of the world into conflict.

    @Aspect: has someone been reading "Silent weapons for quiet wars" recently? ;)

  • There won't ever be a World War again because full-scale global conflicts aren't profitable to ANYONE. True wars are waged through economy and politics.

  • Israel could start a war certainly but there's no way it would be a world war. The whole of the middle east is too insignificant compared to other powers for it to be considered a world war.

  • If anyone is going to "start the fire" of a world encompassing war, it's going to be Israel … honestly.

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  • Russia seems to be similar to Germany was shortly prior to World War 2 with the way they're acting, so that's a possible one.

    The other big one I see is North Korea which would subsequently pull China into it but at the same time I could also see China just washing their hands of them and letting the USA wipe them out. But, that's much less likely since they have a sense of self preservation. They know if they ever made good on their threats to nuke the US that they'd be fucked.

    So here's the deal… There's only one country that fits the definition for a world superpower currently and that's the United States. As for great powers: United Kingdom, China, France, Germany, Japan, and Russia.

    Russia has royally pissed off the US, and it's not on so great of terms with the EU at the moment and out of all the countries out there Russia is the only one that could actually have any kind of meaningful war with either the EU or USA. So if there is a world war it'll likely involve Russia on one end of it. As for who their allies will be, I have no idea.

    I could theorize:

    North Korea

    • Middle Eastern countries

    European Union (perhaps not all of them, but likely quite a few)

    In short, it's only really Russia right now that has the balls and the capability to do it, so that's my bet. That is, if it happens any time within the next couple of decades.

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