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  • As far as my actual sexual experiences goes, I'm 100% straight (male) … as ArgonCyanide777 puts it "my porn taste is a lot more interesting than the real sex I actually have--quite vanilla"

    I became a member on this site about 10 months ago. Prior to that my taste in porn was also close to 100% straight. Since joining and participating in the forums, I have become much more into futa and shemale porn.

    Much like Fasdeviant, i am very picky and there are a select few shemales I tend to watch most. I find I fantasize a lot about shemales and what it would be like to have a sexcual experience with one.

    So, considering actual and fantasy, I would say I`m somewhere around 85/15?

  • I just realized my porn taste is a lot more interesting than the real sex I actually have–quite vanilla. I guess even for varied taste it doesn't take much to keep me happy. a good thing... right?

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  • Predominantly heterosexual with some incidental homosexual, according to the "Bisexual's guide to the universe" by Nicole Kristal, Mike Szymanski.

    The more feminine, the better it is for turning me on. I have never really found a male IRL I'd want to fuck/be fucked by. Tried fapping to the gay only and it didn't work. There's got to be female presence actively involved. Period.

    I spent awhile attempting to reconcile my sexuality since I had been repeatedly molested and sexually assaulted as a youth. Sometimes I wonder if I'm only as bi as I am identifying because of this. My curiosity is also another big part of it but I'm not sure that alone could have been the catalyst. I'm more secure in who I am now and I don't need to wear my sexuality on my sleeve to be certain about it. I don't go out sharing this openly or talking about it. This isn't because I'm repressed, rather it's because I'm private about it and it's nobody else's fucking business. What uncertainty remains doesn't scare me, it's just room to explore.

    I like:
    Harems, multiple women on man
    Double Penetration
    gangbanging, multiple men on woman
    Pegging/Strapon sex, complimentary role reversal
    Multiple cocks or dildos in one hole (yeah okay, poles are rubbing, it's gay if balls are touching. Big fucking whoop. Happy now?)
    cosplay lingerie fetish

    Liked but don't get as turned on as I used to
    Tranny and shemale

    I'm iffy:
    Bi sandwich MMF: Not sure I could bring myself to do this for the same reason as participating in a double penetration or gangbang: no guy I'd find attractive or be comfortable with enough to do that. Maybe an acceptable tranny or a woman with a strapon.

    Anime males I find physically attractive: Mostly because they look and act like girls. Some even go so far as to call them girls with penises. –Whatever.
    One example is the blondie on cover of manga Vampire Portrait vol 2. One could argue, though, part of the lure for me could be that the dark headed male resembles me from several years ago. Like futa, this also is largely without a RL translation.

    Based on this and how my subconscious attraction keeps turning to women the majority of time I will say I am roughly 80% heterosexual and 20% homosexual.

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  • Not sure how to answer this one. I guess 97%/3%. It's weird because I look at futanari porn and even some shemale porn (although i'm really picky), I just like femininity whether it be a woman or a VERY convincing transexual.

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  • @'fredfred5150':

    99%/1% Authentic enough?

    As good as any :)

  • @'c0dist':

    BTW, fred, if you give your own assessment to your question it might lend an air of sincerity to the thread which right now smells a bit like trolling for site traffic. Like the one about "traps." Just sayin'. :P

    99%/1% Authentic enough?

    I never gave my own view of what it means to like "traps" because its not something I look at. but being aware of their existance made me want to ask the question posed in that thread

  • 50/50 I suppose~

  • how straight are you?

    Slight upward bend but nothing drastic, thanks for asking. lol

    I mean, all I've ever been with or wanted have been members of the opposite sex so, objectively speaking, that's 100%. How else does one measure this besides by his or her desires?

    And before someone gets cocky about it, no, futa and shemale porn don't count. :D

    BTW, fred, if you give your own assessment to your question it might lend an air of sincerity to the thread which right now smells a bit like trolling for site traffic. Like the one about "traps." Just sayin'. :P

  • Hmm… 60/40 in favor of girls I guess... Which is weird because it use to be the opposite when I was younger. It may have even been 70/30 when I was younger. Come to think of it... I wonder if it's 70/30 now? I dunno, 30's not a very high percent... it's not that bad...

    Bah! I don't know. It's probably cause I'm dating a girl though, it tends to raise one way or the other depending on something like that. But yeah, I guess if it fluctuates between 60/40 & 70/30 it's probably 50/50 and I'm just easily influenced... xD

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