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  • @'GhostHunter3X':

    Just a quick render to test out the new V6 gens. They stretch rather nicely.


    I like those gens. He just put out the new texture creator which is super cool!

    I do prefer using sledgehammers gens though, they're pretty good.

  • Haven't posted anything here for a while. Decided to make this futanari witch for the upcoming Halloween season.

  • Another commission in the works. Number two… Woo Hoo!!! This one could be a challenge but a lot of fun too, I'm doing my first custom model to look like a real person, have to work from photos. Not sure yet if I'll be able to post this one after it's done. She may want to keep it private, yep it's for a lady :D
    Thanks again to all the support from everyone here. I wouldn't have been able to do this without your help.

  • You're welcome, and congratulations on the commission :)

  • Well I just finished my first commissioned work, an X-comic. I wanted to give a BIG Thank You to everyone here that has helped & supported me in starting my 3DX art. Thanks to Miro for the inspiration to start all this. I first found this forum only to check on the update to G4E, can't wait till that's finished. If I hadn't come here I don't think I would have started any of this. Also a big thanks to FredFred, he's been very helpful and always willing to share his knowledge.
    I got the ok from the person who commissioned the comic to post it publicly. I just uploaded the first 5 pages, there's 10 total, to Renderotica. My name there is GhostHunterX3. There are 50 images in all. It's the story of Bridget, my girl Lisa's new roommate. Here are a couple of the images from it.

  • Just a quick render to test out the new V6 gens. They stretch rather nicely.

  • Hey, hey. She's a real winner, there, that redhead. :)

  • Summer's here… The girls have some fun in the sun and enjoy a little beach volleyball.
    This one I didn't use the Specular Wet Skin Map. I just set the skin glossiness to 95% and used a few distant lights set to Specular Only, still gets a nice shine to it.

  • @'Jimjim':

    Out of curiosity what settings are you using for the gloss? I take it that's a 3Delight render?

    Glossiness is set to 95% but it's a bit of a cheat. I use a specular wet skin map that came with the Photo Realism bundle I bought. I also set some distant lights to Specular Only setting to help the gloss/wet look. Yes it's rendered with 3Delight.

  • Out of curiosity what settings are you using for the gloss? I take it that's a 3Delight render?

  • Lisa & her roommate Bridget enjoy a little stretching during their workout.

  • Vampire's Embrace… A few test renders for something I'm working on, going back to one of my first and favorite girls. The Vampire (Vicky Vamp for now.). A bit dark, but it is night time. Was trying for that old school horror movie look with dim mood lighting. Also it's set in old time Victorian Era with no electric light only lamps & candles.
    [attachment=2401] [attachment=2402]

  • Great work man… are really rockin' those renders! Keep up the great work kid!

  • When I first met Bridget she was a blonde. Here she is how I first saw her. To see more of her check out my blog

  • Here's a new girl I'm working on. Meet Bridget, she's going to be my girl Lisa's roommate. Think I'm still going to make a few small changes to her look but I like her so far.

  • Another render of my warrior woman. Riding her dragon into battle.

  • My latest render. The Dragons Lair. Let me know what you think of this or any of my other renders. I always like feedback to try making things better.

  • I guess now at a different angle I can see a slight resemblance of what Aguiness was saying about Angel…The nose and cheeks set her apart though. But yeah, I know, someone to fill that club scene. Speaking of celeb look alikes to fill a minor role... I saw some models for Daz that remind me of an OC I'd originally written about as a minor role but has turned into something a little more significant. What do you think of a business shark corporate type with a haircut similar to Uma Thurman's Pulp Fiction hairstyle/wig? Perhaps with a weakness similar to that boss chick on the episode of Fut-O Rama who becomes smitten with Fry after seeing what a "slob" he is in his locker? Got me thinking of possibilities...if only my poor machine wouldn't crash like every 5 minutes trying to use Daz (long story short cuz I was an idiot and didn't make a recovery disc before a worm attacked it).

    As for Lisa, I look forward to her new adventures. Yeah, she should totally ditch the guy already and parade herself as the prize everyone wants (but only her locker posse gets to have behind closed doors). One of the other girls, or a new character should join her or maybe compete with her in a scenario similar to Marine a-go-go where Marine competes against South Pole One in a fuck off athon.

    That "Hunk" guy...Looking at the rest of his absolutely huge body, it makes his dick look kinda small until he puts it up to (and into) a woman. Then he's absolutely huge. Can't wait to see whom he tears up next.

  • Another new one with Angel. I've been putting the render engine into overdrive. Angel takes Aphrodite for a public ride & some saddle training. More of the story/set on my blog.
    I've also been posting to Renderotica. There I've been adding some slightly twisted stuff I didn't think would be appropriate here. Over there I go by GhostHunterX3 got the name messed up when I signed up, put the X and 3 in the wrong order. Oh well no biggie.

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