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  • Ye already tried contacting him/her but havent gotten any answer so far.

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  • This post is deleted!

  • I found these two

    Not sure if that's the actual content of the page. The previews on the site looked good, but the content from these two links is a little disappointing.

  • Never heard of that site. Now I know to never go either.

  • Yes please DO NOT support this site the steal free content and sell it without bothering to give any credit to the artists. I had a subscription a few years ago and they woud neve disclose where thye got art so if i wanted to see and artist I liked that was just too bad for me, and the artist because even when messaged their site would no disclose where they had gotten any of the renders.

  • administrators

    Single artits usually don't have the means, but they'll come together eventually and fingers crossed these guys will get what they've worked so hard for :)

    But exactly right the point is these guys aren't just "borrowing" they're peddling stolen goods! The prob is most punters wouldn't even know it's stolen.

  • I am shocked no one has sued them out of business yet. Its one thing to copy another's work or even take a "personal copy", but it is another thing entirely to profit from it. They are thieves plain and simple.

    Miro has the right of it, anyone who links up with these guys is bound to get screwed, more likely sooner than later. I find most 3D artists to be fairly approachable when it comes to sharing/sampling their work. Its a shame that some fans resort to paying pirates for that which can be given freely.

    If you want unique work from an artist, and want to truly support them, discuss a commission. Parasitic websites like these drain the life from our community.

  • administrators

    Don't worry that artist will get shafted soon enough, like I think they've given us enough proof of just how eithical their business practices are. About as trust worthy as fart in the wind ;)

    Yeah, but who knows if they've even got permission, and even if they did they're prolly owning the email and twitter or what have you so you won't get to the artist directly, but you should be able to find the real artist by image googling a few of his images and then getting hold of a name.

  • You do realize that I explicitly stated that I dont wanna pay for adultempire but rather take a shortcut just to get to the content of that specific artist? :) I even contacted the artist through the contact email provided on his twitter but after not getting any reply I might guess that they seem to be working very closely together. This might just be one of the few legit pages on their network where actual original content gets displayed rather than rips of other peoples work.

  • I can't count the Pics I have seen on Preview pages from Adult Empire which are from myself and from other fellow artists. Anyone who pays for that Site(s) supports the stealing of our pics. Personally at the Moment I don't give a shit about that, since I am not doing it for money. But its just about the principle, It says on my Blog that I allow to share my pics for "non Profit" purposes and do not allow to change the pics in any way! But this M…........s don't give a damn s..t. Please excuse my selection of words, but when I think of this Site(s) there are no other words coming to my mind. :-) ----- DarkCreatureZ -----

  • Ye already tried contacting him/her but havent gotten any answer so far.

  • administrators

    No seriously that would be a bloody shame if they start getting real artists on board having made a killing stealing and pludering… any artist who knowingly does this I would lose all respect for. That's a disgrace. Like downloading/ torrenting for your own use is one thing but stealing and selling is a whole different ball game.

    Surely this artist isn't so stupid to not know what these guys are up to. This artist looks amazingly good but I'd never support this in any shape or form. Rather try getting in touch with the artist and talk some sense into him.

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