May i use a second account to Get My Money Back from Cash App?

  • If you make any payment with your first account of Cash app, but now you think to log in second account to Get My Money Back from Cash App. So, you can do it, but don’t forget to inform it to the recipient. Because the receiver can directly return the payment by tapping on the payment. So, if you inform them and provide your details (username, $Cashtag, contact number, or email address), then they can use it to make a refund.

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  • @'gazukull':

    You can embed it, it just seems to take 1000 times to get it to work. :D


    …But it also fucks with the rest of the posts. I wrote a simple text post underneath fredfred's last post, and it turned into "undefined."

    That's basically the reason. I imagine one of the embedded videos was fucking up the thread. I even got a pop-up ad and our site doesn't do pop-up ads!

  • …But it also fucks with the rest of the posts. I wrote a simple text post underneath fredfred's last post, and it turned into "undefined."

  • You can embed it, it just seems to take 1000 times to get it to work. :D

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