Troubleshoot Brother printer won't print text issue?

  • Fix Brother printer keeps printing blank pages
    As we are running 21 century, we cannot afford to lose the print service, especially when we are a professional guy. everyone has to print more than 10 papers a day in their office or home.
    When you can't print these papers and getting some kind of errors, here in this blog, you can easily troubleshoot the problems related to the computer or network.

    1. First of all, you should check the printer connections, most of the time, people get such errors due to the incorrect connection type. so ensure that your printer is ready to communicate with your devices.
    2. Let's check the ink on your printer, ensure that your machine has enough ink to print any document. If not you need to go ahead and fill up the ink on your printer.
    3. Try to make a copy through your printer, let's see if it is allowing you to print some documents or not? If it's not allowing you to print any documents, you can go ahead and reinstall the ink toner again.
    4. Sometimes, you may have brother printer, not printing issue due to the driver issue, when you have set up your printer with invalid settings. your brother printer won't print anything, and you will get a completely blank page.
    5. You should check for the paper jam issue, may be there is some paper stucking in the printer, that is not allowing you to print anything. So you should open the printer panel and remove the papers, If there is any.
    6. last but not the least, if you still can’t print any documents through your brother printer, you should reset the printer settings, and then reconfigure it to make it able to deliver the print again.
      So these are the steps to troubleshoot the brother printer printing blank pages issue, Hope this will resolve your issue. or visit: askprob blogs

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