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  • Make a girl love me forever, or improve my social skills. Either will do, serve the same purpose.

    I'd change something close to me because there are too many variables in reality I know I don't very much understand in the world, and I'd like something both that 1) I can understand the effects of and that 2) those effects are beneficial to me. My greatest weakness at this point in time are my social skills. So I'd like to change that. Most of my problems i.e. problems that I understand either stem from or can be alleviated/solved by better social skills. The girl is an option because I've found that some women have very amazing intuitions, and it'd be a better choice (if such a choice were possible to make) to have someone that knows you better to speak with you than always jumping from person to person, whether this be on the scale of months or decades.

    If I had to do something selfless I'd probably increase the total amount of copper and oil remaining in the world. Something that would change things, but not really by too much, and most importantly in a way that would give the fewest signals to the fewest number of people. I would choose copper and oil because copper is historically an indicator of state of economy - namely that civilization dies when copper production falls - and oil because it is the other basis for modern civilization. A hidden increase in these two things would maintain society more than change it.

  • Just one? Honestly there's so many big things that it's hard to narrow it down to just one.

    I suppose I would replace the world's workforce with various types of robots to get the human population out of covert indentured servitude and allow them to do whatever hobbies they like. In doing this it'd be a socialist society where nobody would have to work and everything could be free since the robots are doing all the job and don't need to be paid and without needing to pay for things like rent/utilities/food/clothes it'd make the cost of living pretty much just a basic human right.

    I imagine this would be the single biggest thing that'd help our world since there could be so much benefit from it. People that may otherwise be locked into boring shitty 9-5 jobs could pursue scientific or artistic careers and we'd be a very culture rich society with a ton of brilliant scientists. I think our other problems would likely solve themselves.

    So yeah, if I could only choose one thing it'd probably be that.

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