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  • @'Tiffany':

    Here's the latest revision of my "doll" as I'm calling it:

    I think you've got too much curvature of the spine in back at waist level in the Profile view. Keep the shoulders and buttocks where they are and simply draw a different spine curve between them that doesn't limit your abdominal volume quite so … unreasonably. Front and Rear views look fine, so this is only a problem on the Profile side view.

  • Here's the latest revision of my "doll" as I'm calling it:

    I'm calling it a doll because it sounds better than mannequin and I mostly just use it for clothing/costume design. It's pretty much just me in anime/comic form. You can see the previous version up above.

    I had to redo like 90% of the side view because it just wasn't drawn very well. I added my updated face+hair and redid the breasts on the front view, then redid the breasts on the back view, and then I had to make the back & side views hair from scratch which really blows. I hate doing hair… I don't even know what the back of my head looks like.

    Anyways, I finally got that done. I spent most of the night updating it to its current form. Here's the outfit I'm working on (which is what lead me to updating the thing in the first place):

    The side/back views are incomplete, obviously. The front view is totally untextured too but you can kind of get the basic jist of what it's supposed to look like.

    I'm writing a story where I become a super hero, or… super anyways, so I needed some kind of costume. I get the power when I'm watching a falling star which happens to be pink and then it keeps getting bigger and bigger like it's coming right for me and it does actually. It slams right into me, but it was just some kind of weird pink light.

    And um... I'm not sure what I'd call my super self, I'm still sort of tossing around some names, but there'll be a transformation that can be used which makes that outfit magically appear. I won't be as strong as Superman or as fast as the Flash but I'll still be pretty good.

    My super power's weakness is that it's tied to sex, because I was sort of thinking of having one of those Green Lantern elements but have it be Lust (the closest they have is the pink one for Love). And uh... it makes me super horny and if I don't have sex like every day then my super powers quickly fade and I become normal until I have sex again.

    I was going to do like a totally pink outfit and the transformation causes pink hair & magenta eyes but I ended up going for more of a succubus sort of look.

  • Rounder? Are you crazy? That ass is insane…

  • Nice job. I would like to see a must rounder ass. Only because since we are in 3D and we can make tits be anysize, "large" how about a stunning ass. My ass model who has a perfect ass is Scarlett from ass parade. Absolute perfect ass and not large either.

  • She was a little lopsided, here's a fix:

    edit: Oh and even though I'm only using 480p I have it in 720p:

  • Now thats a news show worth watching :D

  • This is about the extent of my coloring skills, so this is pretty much finished:

    edit: Oh and this is what it'll look like with the rest of the set if you're curious:

  • ^that's extremely old… look at page 2. Hell, don't even quote that monstrosity.

  • @'Tiffany':


    Will this character be part of a project? Kinda reminds me of Queen's Blade.

    Oh I wish! Sadly, I don't really know how to do anything with it. :angel:

    Anywho, here's where I'm at now…

    Slightly more condensed butt, new matching hair for all angles, and I opted to go for more of an American comic-style type face because I do prefer the more realistic faces. So, pretty much that, but with anime-style 2-4 tone unblended crisp shading thingy, whatever that's called.

    Right now, I'm happy with pretty much everything except the front face. I just can't get it right…

    gonna do any thing with the hair? like make it natural blonde or a light brown shed be sexier lookin that yellow reminds me of a crayon

  • I like her :)

  • You really expect us to look at the face? :)

  • Just a WIP I'm working on for a forum Murdergame (it's me cartoon-ified at a news desk)…

    lineart wip:

    lineart done:

    base colors done:

    Still need to finish coloring but I'm going to sleep. Also, I should mention that I borrowed the face from one of Dmitry's sketches.

  • administrators

    nice, don't mind the small areolas, makes the boobs look bigger :) I think the thighs may be a tad big

  • Love how the grin looks on her. Very dangerous yet sexy. Are you going to make the nipples/areolas bigger by any chance?

  • I made a new doll with a completely different body style…

    It just has some base colors right now. I haven't gotten around to shading it yet, or making the back/side views. I probably won't use that face in the end either…



    My first one was really athletic, and this one I was going for more of a voluptuous look, and shorter.

  • Oney Cartoons yay!

  • If he's not, he ain't happy. :P

    I call it the ultimate jutsu against a male opponent. :D

    I imagine it ends a lot like this…

  • He's dead, isn't he? No man can survive that many nut shots and live.

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