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  • Well I've never used Poser or even 4th Gen figures, as I dived into this when I found out Daz was free, which came with Genesis. I've found it a little awkward to use Genesis for sex, not so much for posing, but to create accurate morphs. Morphs I'd make in Hexagon would nearly always look different when I applied them in Daz, because of the lower poly count coupled with the smoothing on the figure.
    Just recently figured out a way of doing morphs on Genesis much more accurately. After getting the poses as close as possible I export any Genesis figures that need morphs out to obj files with subdivision on and any geo-grafts attached. Then I import these much higher detailed objects into Hex, do the morphs where any of the figures touch, then export these back out and into Daz as new objects. Then I transfer the materials from the original Genesis figures to the new objects and the contact looks much more natural.
    There are probably much better and faster ways to use Daz/Genesis/Hexagon, but this is the best way I've worked out so far.

    Maybe I should just to what Zzomp does and learn how to use Photoshop properly…

  • Everyone seems to be overlooking a very obvious solution to fix pokethrough in simple situations, and that is the built-in Morph Tool in Poser's Editing Tools palette. This has been around for some time now; at least since Poser 9. Since Poser Pro 2014, the Morphing Tool has gotten even better, with the ability to mirror a morph for symmetry if you are working with a zero posed figure, and even a clothes fitting section. It is an invaluable tool and should be part of your arsenal.

    I work in Zbrush as well for heavy morphing. But little morph tweaks like the OP described don't need Zbrush at all. Those issues can be fixed simply and quickly from right within Poser.

    Of course, if you're using D|S, you can disregard this post completely. :-)

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  • @'Zzomp':

    … I'm the only one post-working all penetrations using photoshop? :s

    Seriously Zzzomp, it is really hard to compete against you with the way you do cum shots. That is why I try to do all mine in the scene. Loadz and Malocula's shader works wonders for me.

  • … I'm the only one post-working all penetrations using photoshop? :s

  • Is it my lack of skill or does lali's bits not allow you to add morphs via zbrush?

  • Oh Vicky is pretty good actually. I am still using this on Genesis1+2. But you will have to use the mouth narrow morphs in negative strength to bend the mouth Corners outward. You can also use the head shape morphs for mouth large I believe. Just make sure to dial it back afterwards or you might wonder why your character looks like the joker :)

    About those missing spots. Do not get worked up about it, this happens to all of us, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. If you dont have access to zbrush or working with an outside 3d application that allows for polygon manipulation, then this is inevitable when it comes to penetration scenes when theres soft tissue involved. Creatig morphs for this is almost impossible because of how many possibilities of bending and squeezing there are. You would have to build a massive libraries of morphs for tons of situations and this in turn would require you to spend massive amounts of time dialing those things in. Thats just not worth it. Just use some fix brushes in photoshop after the render.

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  • For 1 & 2 manual corrections with Zbrush works (if you have Zbrush). IF you're a fan of presets then this might be helpful, not sure how well it'll help with larger toys though :rolleyes:
    Lali will look awesome in some poses and the opposite in others. I have never had the patience to go through all the morphs to correct stuff but I don't have to since I can use Zbrush for that.

  • Thank you jb! Very helpful!

  • Flan,

    1. If you are using Poser, you can use Magnets. Most of the time you only need one magnet to pull the commissure (mouth corner) out. I make sure the Mag Zone is small enough to only affect the corner.

    2. Change to wireframe (hidden line) and zoom in to make sure there are no poke-throughs (again in Poser).

    3. That is a common problem. If you follow the directions to the letter and ONLY use the Lali System and no other morphs, you should be ok. Check this link:

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