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  • Wow I missed something amazing =D well done

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  • I wrote the post. Good to see I can do convincingly "Corporate" sounding text too :D

  • Yep, you guys got us. It was a joke. :D

  • I posted this on the main page but it never showed up lol…

    1: Shap sold Twisty's 1-2 years ago
    2: Manwin owns Twistys (and has recently changed their name to Mindgeek)
    3: the ONLY tie to 3DX Manwin / Mindgeek has is being the largest company that steals content and uses them on their tube sites and fake feeder pages (and selling ad space to other companies that do the same)

    Cute April Fools gag BUT more angering then funny considering the truth of the company

  • You and me both Sol haha

  • I fell for this, until I was half way to work and remembered the date :D

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  • I was thinking so hard about what to say I forgot the date :P

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  • Hahahahahahaha, that's a good one. :D

  • Is this an April Fools?

  • Is this an April fool as it is April 1st?

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