Cybersecurity Service in United Arab Emirates

  • At Ecolog we work tirelessly to ensure offering end to end solutions to our clients and customers. In doing so we also rely on world-leading strategic partners. In the Cyber Security front, Ecolog is working with Dynology corporations from the United States of America. Ecolog’s Quality and Safety (Q&S) drive is to think differently in its approach to Quality and Occupational Health and Safety. We want to stand out from our competition, rather than follow the traditional context of QHSE, HSEQ, or SHEF. Today, we have an integrated Q&S footprint in all our contracts that is built on the five Q&S principles: Producing, Checking, Q&S Control, Q&S Management, and Q&S Assurance. These principles form the spine of the QS System, around which the Integrated Management System is built.Ecolog fosters a healthy and safe working environment, and complies with all relevant local and international regulations. We conduct our business in a way that protects the interests of the wider community and that minimizes any negative impact on the environment.visit Cybersecurity Service in United Arab Emirates for more details

  • Id love to see some of your Gal "inspired" renders, fred. I'm kinda intrigued with this theme and would love to give it a go myself. I'm more or less a DA exclusive poster tho so I'm pretty much restricted by guidelines and prejudice so commonly found on DA.

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  • @

    Ganguro (ガングロギャル): A gyaru with an artificial deep tan and bleached hair. This style was popular in the late 1990s, and early 2000s. The term is no longer used within gal culture. Mostly people out of the loop use it.

    Haha. I guess I'm out of the loop. I was partially interested in some ganguro 2D art a while back. I didn't know it was part of something else.

  • @

    Ganguro (ガングロギャル): A gyaru with an artificial deep tan and bleached hair. This style was popular in the late 1990s, and early 2000s. The term is no longer used within gal culture. Mostly people out of the loop use it.

    Haha. I guess I'm out of the loop. I was partially interested in some ganguro 2D art a while back. I didn't know it was part of something else.

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  • @'CKE18':

    fred, I don't want to link to sites I'm not familiar with, but you can search "gal goog" or the Japanese artist "tabe koji" for some pretty good examples.

    I had Tabe Rumba on my old pc, LOVE the cover, gorgeous, love the colour scheme used for those girls. (thanks for reminding me about that comic :) )

    Heres my question, does the 3DX model used have to be Asian in order to be classified as a "Gal"? Because I render quite a lot of similarly coloured "Gals" for my own private amusement, but they are Caucasian, do they count?

    Is it the colours/style used in the art that make it belong to the "Gal" fetish, or is it an ethnically specific thing?

  • komblkaurn nailed it and yes fredfred5150, ganguro is part of it too.

    In Japanese adult depictions they are most often portrayed as "take control" kind of girls. They might wear leopard printed panties, gaudy jewelry, and out of control fingernail art. I always imagined them as 80's hair band groupies haha.

    It's not just real girls though. You can find 2D images of these girls wherever manga is sold in Japan. Sometimes the girls look amazingly beautiful and other times they're going crazy orgy style.

    fred, I don't want to link to sites I'm not familiar with, but you can search "gal goog" or the Japanese artist "tabe koji" for some pretty good examples.

    I would love to find out there's a 3D artist doing this type work!

  • I've heard of Ganguro, kinda like the idea

  • @'fredfred5150':

    Could you provide an example of what this is?

    My understanding is that Gal is sort of a subculture (or counterculture?) in Japan that borrows certain westerns looks which may or may not be considered "trashy" and sort of resembles the American "bimbo" look.

    Within this subculture are other subcultures like gyaru or ganguro, with more specific looks such as darker skin and white makeup.

    Definitely an interesting idea, I don't think I've seen any 3D erotica based on this…

  • Could you provide an example of what this is?

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