Facility Management Services in United Arab Emirates

  • Our team follows international design practices and is capable of producing innovative architectures and designs around the world. Our projects exhibit a unique approach to solve complex design problems, regardless of scale or type. The engineering team has considerable experience and a proven track record in the construction of both military and civilian facilities in underdeveloped countries – particularly in war zones and crisis areas – as well as developed countries and urban areas. We provide Facility Management Services in the United Arab Emirates Like engineering and construction services for temporary and permanent facilities, specifically for industrial infrastructures in remote areas. Temporary camp options include tents, containerized accommodations, and pre-fab constructions. We build any required permanent accommodation facilities – varying from medical centers, administration buildings, heliports, parking structures, workshops, warehouses, and kitchen and dining facilities.

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  • I agree w/ hzr about keeping an online copy in addition to your backup. If you can afford to, keep a second backup somwhere offsite. For instance if your computer is at home and your main backup is also at home, keep a copy of your backup at a bank safe deposit box or some place.

  • I think I'm gonna keep pushing on, but try a different tactic. Rather than make character after character like I was doing, I'll just focus in on a small few and try and make some decent pics at last.


    Do you guys use software that backs up your whole system and settings, or do prefer to manually copy your important files to another volume somewhere?

    I like to be in control of everything my computer does, so always backup manually to an external drive. I'm usually pretty good, but as I'm an A-grade idiot a big data loss was gonna happen at some point.
    I even always turn off auto updates on everything I can. Don't want the thing to be downloading and updating while I'm trying to do something else like playing a game.

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  • I lost ALL the work I did at university. I had two hard drives in a locked suitcase in my car trunk. The first week I was in Los Angeles looking for a job, taking my work around, my car trunk was crowbarred and suitcase stolen. So much for my director's reel.

    Like others, I took the fresh start approach. Putting all your ducks in a row takes time, but while collecting all the things you want back is important, try to pump out some work as you go along. You can work with the basics and those are the things you "need." Everything else is a "want." Make sure the "wants" aren't your excuse to procrastinate. It's easy to do when you're down and out.

    Good luck!

  • @'Evolluisionist':

    i think the whole starting fresh thing can be interesting and fun in it's own right.

    I agree, remember….the phoenix rises from ashes ;)

  • Oh man that hurts, sorry to hear that. I shudder to think about having to redo all those little things and tweaks that you do for your everyday work…

    Just carry on man and this time be prepared and create some online backup of your settings and library. This way you will have kind of a rough restore point at least, and not all is lost incase this would happen again. Theres always a chance for some fried hd or something...

  • I've lost data twice now and still to this day have not learned my lesson to keep backups. I know I need to do it and have been meaning to. It's just a huge pain in the ass to do correctly.

    Do you guys use software that backs up your whole system and settings, or do prefer to manually copy your important files to another volume somewhere?

  • carry on (and buy a nas server this time) : D

  • oh yeah. i literally lost all my stuff i did when i first started daz years ago. computer crashed + i deleted my old DA account and everything gone. i have had to remake my characters like 3 times.

    i think the whole starting fresh thing can be interesting and fun in it's own right. working with a complete fresh slate can make it interesting to come up with new ideas. just keep moving forward :)

  • My old pc crashed in october last year, I got all my music etc and daz products I had bought saved, but lost all my own creations and characters (basically 6 months of work and learning), I was gutted too.

    If you still have all your daz products, you can start again, there's no point giving up, whatever motivated you to pick up daz in the first place hasn't gone away. Why wait (and hope) for others to make what you want to see when you have the tools to try and make it yourself?

    Just get back to it, you'll catch up to where you were before it happened quicker than you think :)

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