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  • About 550 hours of Company of Heroes 2. Gotta love my eastern front meat grinder…

  • Some Sims 3, not so much anymore, and some Starcraft 2. I was playing a bit of Civilization 5 and SimCity before that before I burned out. Before that batch I hadn't played games in years. I played a bit of TERA before it was f2p before I burnt out because of making too many alts, and then GW2 came out and that was all my hopes for a new good MMO to play for many years completely crushed by its mediocrity. I guess I was playing a bit of Skyrim here and there.

    I tried Lineage 2 again for nostalgia but that was completely worthless since they completely removed all of the starting areas and completely changed the game so there's zero nostalgia factor whatsoever and the controls are fucktarded now.

    Tried Aion again but like all of my characters got renamed with random server shit at the end (the fuck?). I started in the beta and had really rare unique names… Oh and the graphics looked completely awful now, like they downgraded them or something, and it was ridiculous just getting logged in because you can't copy/paste your e-mail or password (my e-mail is nearly as bad as my password like 20+ characters of mixed case, letters, numbers, etc) and then some crappy key combo thing once you select a character. There was no way I could get into it again...

    I want Kingdom Under Fire 2 to come out and be good but it's taking forever.

  • Wasteland 2 is out !

    time sucker of a game :)

  • …Secret of Evermore, anyone?

  • I have been deep into Final Fantasy XIII I was able to find parts 2+3 on sale as well. But I have yet to actually finish the first game, I am now past 80+ hours! o_o with most of my team being near 4000+ HP I love the Crystarium system, but as of late its been getting gradually tricky to upgrade more often, since most now max at 10k-30k+ for all skill types. Yup I am addicted to FF all over again.

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  • @'Supro':

    I just finished playing Bioshock Infinite's Burial At Sea Episode 2 DLC. Gameplay was a big difference from the main game (it required you to be stealthy). Story was….that's hard to say. The best way to put it is if you've never played the original Bioshock, then a lot of what goes on in the DLC will either be lost on you or spoiled. I hate to say that Levine created a fustercluck, but it does feel that way at times.

    ! There is some good stuff found like the explanation of how Jack (from Bioshock 1) came to be and the events that lead to his arrival in Rapture. Also, a Big Daddy hugging the little sisters (D'awwww) and also hugging the little sisters after killing Suchong (Double d'awwww).
    ! But the ending is depressing. Why can't we have a happy ending for Elizabeth or Booker? :(

    Also, there's a scene in the game that will leave you cringing. That's all I'll say about that.

    great now i have to go finish bioshock 1. got most of the way through when i rented it.

  • The game I'm playing is not a new one; but one from 2012. That would be Borderlands 2. Since 2013 was pretty much a complete wash concerning both 3d and any type of computer 'fun' due to health issues. I'm really digging into BL2 and discovering the true depth of the gameplay

    While it appears to be just a shoot and loot fps; there is a really deep game in there hidden underneath the cell shaded goodness. With the help of a few online buddies and trial and error; I've discovered how to farm the game and gear up my characters.

    And lets face it; nothing is more fun than having a ammunition regenerating gunzerker with 2 vladof miniguns with 100 round box clips! My record is a full 60 seconds of full auto death with over 35+ bandit kills.

    So much fun. And on a aside; RPublishing's Badland's Sierra clothing is just Maya the Siren's clothing for Poser. Yay rule 34! If you're on Steam and want someone to play some BL2 with; just look me up ;)

  • @'korezaan':


    Not in beta.
    No meddling devs.
    Real pro scenes.
    Average population isn't and can't be casuals or kiddies.
    Handicap system allows even and interesting games even with players of significantly different skill level than you.
    Will outlast every other game currently in existence except maybe football.

    Ha… I approve! :P (still had to check out the link to make sure you are really talking about the game I thought you do^^)
    I like Go as an example of good design, since it has fairly simply base rules, but rich meta (a decent example of real "easy to learn, hard to master")

    Well anyway...
    Dark Souls II
    Games in the Souls Series are awesome and this is no exception. Could be less cryptic on what you actually have to do… I sometimes think they take the "don't take the player by the hand" a little too far, could also present it's story better. Gameplay, Enemy/Encounter and Level Design are still top notch though.
    And it has the same difficulty curve!

    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate
    Lab time with new characters is always fun… and I think that they actually did a pretty good job with Marie. Great character... the OMG breast physics setting is kinda disturbing on her though...

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  • Go:

    Not in beta.
    No meddling devs.
    Real pro scenes.
    Average population isn't and can't be casuals or kiddies.
    Handicap system allows even and interesting games even with players of significantly different skill level than you.
    Will outlast every other game currently in existence except maybe football.

  • Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls expansion, BloodRealm (web based magic card game), and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Are my biggest projects right now.

    The Diablo 3 expansion is sweet. I know a lot of people didn't like D3 but I like it. It's different in a lot of ways than D2. But I still love the hack & slash genre and D3 does a good job satisfying that itch.

    BloodRealm is a neat little web based game that takes me back to my ultra nerdy days when Magic the Gathering was just starting to get popular, but before a time when guys were dropping $500 for a red fireball deck that could beat most anyone in 5 turns. I recommend this game for folks that like the collectable trading card game genre and like to grind (you do a lot of grinding to get in-game coins and sacrificial cards to level up other cards)

    And a very different ninja stars in Ninja Gaiden Z. Yaiba is a polar opposite to Ryu Hayabusa as far as his language and ethics go. A downright silly story but a fantastic bloody good time trashing (and getting trashed by, the game is hard) zombies with a foul mouthed cyber ninja.

    I already played through South Park the Stick of Truth. Fun game. Short for an RPG but 100% voice acted. Feels like an interactive South Park movie. Any fans of the series should at least rent it and play through for the laughs.

    I have also been experimenting a little bit with Neverwinter and Dragon's Prophet, but I think I like Tera better. Probably gonna uninstall Neverwinter and Dragon's Prophet. Neither plays very smooth on my PC and the characters in Neverwinter move funny when you strafe while walking forward. The character does this crazy lean in that direction that looks like they're going to fall over, lol. Not really a game breaker but it just didn't sit well with me. Combined with the sub-par character models it just didn't feel very well polished.

    Yeah. It's been a good month :D

  • EverquestNext Landmark, closed beta. Kind of fun, but there truly is a learning curve for building.

  • Warframe with buddies is good fun. Been having a good time with a heavily modded skyrim.

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