Cash App Refund time period expired issue? Get help from customer service.

  • There is a Cash App Refund time period for every product that you purchase using the app. If that time period gets expired, then you can’t seek a refund. But if you’re unable to seek a refund despite the product being eligible, then you can get the issue resolved by using the solutions that are provided by troubleshooting sites. You can also get the issue resolved by getting help from customer service.

  • Just moments ago I learned another slang word for innie pussies…. "simp" short for "homer simpson" and there's apparently a reddit for it

  • Dollary doos.

  • My favourite new term I heard is "two pump chump" apparently how prostitutes refer to clients who come after just a few minutes, or way before the time they've paid for is up :D

  • ugh thats the most unsexy word I think I've heard in my life

  • grool - it's the word for a girl's vaginal lubrication (girl+drool apparently)… I don't like it personally since it's not a very sexy word... I still refuse to use it.

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