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  • There is a Cash App Refund time period for every product that you purchase using the app. If that time period gets expired, then you can’t seek a refund. But if you’re unable to seek a refund despite the product being eligible, then you can get the issue resolved by using the solutions that are provided by troubleshooting sites. You can also get the issue resolved by getting help from customer service.

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  • To be honest, porn is a very personal thing and one person's best may be disgusting and god-awful to another person so it's very hard to recommend porn I'd think.

    One of the best lesbian scenes I've seen is Sandy & Sophie Moone - Superbarbies

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    Worth a fap! The initial blow segment is next level.

  • Oh, there are a lot of scenes out there. (I suggest being more specific). But I think Sasha Grey's scene in Twisted Vision 4 stands out. The whole setup is so alluring, especially in Sasha's willingness to put herself into a bind. I find it better than her scene in Gang Bang 5.

  • Not particularly one scene, but I watched a Dorcel movie called "Executive Assistant" which was really good. The Garage scene looked pretty hot I would say.

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  • That's a good question, because there's so many scenes out there! I'd recommend Shyla Stylez A Cream Within A Dream, it's pretty good. She gets dominated and gangbanged. Or usually I watch scenes with Ariella Ferrera, she's a smokin' hot Latin woman who hits her climax and shows it.

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