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    Having this prop is a good base for just doing some mesh corrections on the anus region when you do not want to create all the geometry for yourself, since it already adds a circle in that area, which helps alot with pinching and deforming etc.

    How does it compare to Poison's anus for Genesis? Does it add more or less to the mesh than that?

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  • It adds a bit of definition there too yeah, also a slight hint of wrinkles. I talked to the guy when he released it and from what I understand he is already working on something for the anus region specifically. So maybe this was just the first step.

    Having this prop is a good base for just doing some mesh corrections on the anus region when you do not want to create all the geometry for yourself, since it already adds a circle in that area, which helps alot with pinching and deforming etc.

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  • So, what's the mesh like for this 3feetwolf gen? Does it add a lot of new polygons to the anus area?

    Access to a good set of gens along with the improved bends would probably be enough to convince me to switch from Genesis to Genesis 2.

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  • @'hzr':

    Bought it yesterday. Seems okay, but the anal morphs are rather disappointing to me at first glance. Will have to see how well I can use them for further mesh corrections after posing…

    Funny you should say that i was thinking the same thing, also i still want to see how it look on this new texture im making for the gens..

  • Bought it yesterday. Seems okay, but the anal morphs are rather disappointing to me at first glance. Will have to see how well I can use them for further mesh corrections after posing…

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