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  • I agree, as far as free and can play almost anything you throw at vlc is the way to go….BUT

    If you like to loop your favourite 5 second part of a movie (porn), vlc doesn't like that, and it really doesn't like it if you try to navigate/skip your way through a wmv file. Performance is slightly poor on .mp4 files too (slower loadtime, slower search etc)

  • Have to echo what Sym and c0dist say … just go with VLC media player. It's small and unobtrusive. I've been using it for many years and have yet to find anything to throw at it that it won't play. And the network streaming is a great bonus ... has worked flawlessly for me for quite some time.

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  • VLC is good and will play or convert just about everything. It's supposedly also very good for network streaming but I haven't tried that.

    The interface is a little plain looking but functional.

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  • @'ginsu22':

    anyone know of a good player I can download that,ll play just about any vid u get off the net all i have are windows 7 media players

    There are several to chose from over at, all of which are free. They even have updated codecs in their Media section of downloads to go with the players, to help them handle anything you may throw at them. Many have had very good luck with the VLC player.

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