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  • I'm not entirely sure either way.

    To make a long story short, I know that I had been looking at them and trannies for awhile before I was honest with myself and acknowledged I have some bi tendencies. Once I did that, at first the newness of it lured me in…now? Meh, I could take it or leave it. It could be that my interest and lack of inhibition has brought me this far. However, my bisexuality stops at mtf tranny. I do not generally find the male body to be attractive sexually in its usual state.

    I do possibly fall under chimeraism, as I recall some odd but interesting experiences that make me wonder. ...If anyone cares to hear it...

    Then there is the debate on whether sexuality is fluid or solid, flexible or rigid, etc. There's some controversy, however, between the findings that male bisexuals can exist, and yet the study (pointed out earlier in the thread) that males who like futa and trannies have solid sexuality which would be somewhat at odds with the former. I am trying to reconcile it.

    Of course, you can always read Bisexual's guide to the universe and simplify it to "I am what I am".

  • if i werent before - yes it shure would make me bisexual :-)

  • The most important aspect of it all actually is if you find a guy's body/face attractive or not. Genitalia have nothing to do with it. The fact that someone likes dicks on girls doesn't mean that he finds male body/face attractive and these are FAR more important in the long run.

  • never. i love Futa (cock n balls) because i think how great it would be to be a beautiful woman with a thick juicy cock.
    that's the attraction for me. i don't think "oh i wanna get with that", it's "man i wish i could be like that!"
    especially one that can suck themselves off. i'm still working on that with diet/stretching.

    the closest i'll come to being with another guy, is a high five while tag teaming a girl.

  • I doubt it, I don't enjoy men in porn all that much, but I enjoy the penetration as the main course, so to speak, so I find it has the right balance.

    Nothing worse for me than enjoying a good porn/hentai and then the camera swings right to the man's hairy balls or face, which always baffles me in straight porn.

    Nothing against bisexuals, just not for me.

  • thanx 4 beeing here :-)

  • My preference for futa is based primarily on empathy with her orgasm, based on my own experience with ejaculation. Ever since I saw the Bible Black anime series, the prospect of being a full figured woman with a cock and a preference for other women has been particularly arousing to me. I think I may be a bit of an outlier, however; whereas the purported appeal for most guys in girl-on-girl scenes is picturing himself in a threesome with the two, my interest has always been in identifying with one party or the other (or both) throughout the scene. If that makes me bisexual, or "queer," so be it. I'm fortunate enough to have been raised in a home and community where those sort of categories and labels don't bother me.

  • Personally, I view people as strictly male or female. If someone 'decides' they are the opposite gender at any point in life, then I could 'never' be attracted to them. But truly, I AM intrigued by a woman having a 'clitoris turned cock', because that simply means there is MORE of her to love! But since I have a masculine drive to make babies, I could 'never' be attracted to her if she had no va-jay-jay. To me, pussy means woman, no matter WHAT additional equipment she might have.

  • For me it's pretty simple… I can watch a girl get banged without having to mentally censor out the guy's a$$.

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  • @'aguinness':

    To make my question more specific: Do you think, as a straight male, your love for futa could make you attracted to MTF/transwomen?

    No! :)

    Transwomen is a very broad category including post-operative, fully transitioned with vaginas (in other words, no sexual value added over a typical female) and also people who still have a very manly appearance / body but self-identify and dress as female. It includes people who have not undergone hormone therapy, do not have breasts and feminine curves, facial features, etc. Those are all things that futa and shemale porn do not represent.

    If Sayako had a 5 o'clock shadow or a chiseled chin then I think it would turn a lot of hetero men off lol :D

    See here for reasons why straight men might like transwomen as I described:

    The fascination with futa, "shemale," "ladyboy," or broadly "chicks with dicks" I think is different and purely a sexual thrill that appeals in particular to heterosexual men.

    Here's an interesting article that explains the fascination of hetero men with shemales:

    It’s important to emphasize here that the main audience for shemale porn (models for which are also known as “trannies,” “T-girls,” or “ladyboys”) are heterosexual males, married as well as single. Additionally, that such transsexual women, who yet maintain their original penises, have received hormones to acquire not only breasts but a female figure generally. Straight males’ interest in viewing such unusual anatomies (and, according to two sociologists investigating the phenomenon, some bisexuals as well) relates to the fact that transsexual women present a novel juxtaposition of two kinds of visual cues known to turn men on. First, there are the usual set of femininity cues—breasts, buns, curvy figures, and female facial features and mannerisms. And second (value added!), there’s the visual cue of the penis. As I’ll discuss in my next post, the sight of an erect penis is—however strange it may seem—likely to arouse males’ sexual brain. Combining in a single body, then, these two “opposite” cues have the power to sexually excite many males in ways that, previous to such exposure, they might never have imagined.

    Here's an interesting article that explains the fascination men have with penises:

    Some of the author's points:

    • Transsexual porn is popular and generally intriguing to straight men.
    • Men have a secret fascination with the penis and a suppressed desire to display theirs.
    • Women don't share this fascination.
    • The erect penis has a special power to activate the male sexual brain.
    • T-girl porn has all the visual cues of the feminine + the bonus of an erect penis.
    • Both men and women have "dominant" and "submissive" wiring in their brains and can access them both for pleasure.
    • A majority of visitors to websites catering to submission are males.

    My personal theory: we can relate to the girl on the screen in a much more meaningful/personal way if she uses a penis to communicate her sensations and eroticism to us in a way that we as men innately understand and appreciate.

    True or False, guys:

    If you're going to watch a dick-girl, you'd rather watch a sensual shemale that knows how to work her cock and gives appropriate facial expressions and feedback. It's more erotic and preferable to a silly funtunari girl actor with a big plastic dick and not a clue. You know the videos I'm talking about.. the ridiculous pajama parties that turn into squirting sword fights. Makes you wonder if the girls know the difference between a cock and a garden hose. That's why Tara and Sayako are so hot.

  • Well, there you go, that's my point: It's the appearance, not necessarily the genitalia, that affects the attraction. To make my question more specific: Do you think, as a straight male, your love for futa could make you attracted to MTF/transwomen?

    What I am saying here is that being attracted to a trans person does not necessarily make a person attracted to the same sex.

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  • Surprising as it may seem, gender preference doesn't actually focus around genitalia. The idea of futa is still female porn, in the end. Gays, for instance, appear to be really fond of FTM transgender porn. So what does that tell you?

  • I think the question has to be rephrased here, because the context it is based on is misconstrued: The idea of futas making a man or woman bisexual is based on the concept that gender is a purely rigid binary, and the combination of the gender binary through a hermaphrodite represents pure bisexuality.

    But that's a misnomer in many ways: For one, futas (including Sayako) are not true hermaphrodites (meaning their appearance is equally male and female), but hermaphroditic females (in essence, by removing the penis, they become female in physical appearance). Second, the fact that futas are hermaphroditic females indicates an idea of gender that is more fluid than the standard binary. Third, the rise of the genderqueers and the increased noise from the transgendered community is bringing some validity to the idea that gender (and thusly gender attraction) is much more fluid than the traditional idea of there being a gender binary suggests (though not necessarily validating the concept of the idea of gender being purely a social construct).

    The question should thus be this: Do you think your love for Futa could make you attracted to transgendered people?

    (and no, it is not the same question)

  • @'darqmyst':

    Wow, that's quite the analysis! I was just saying if a guy likes to smoke the sausage then that's probably an indication that he may be into guys too, lol.

    LOL … I hear ya ... but i don't know if that's 100% true. As I mentioned before I am 100% hetero and have never had a sexual encounter with a male. I have never sucked cock in my life, however, if a girl like Sayako appeared in front of me and she wanted to go, I would suck every inch of her cock and lap up every drop of her cum.

    So what does that mean?

  • Wow, that's quite the analysis! I was just saying if a guy likes to smoke the sausage then that's probably an indication that he may be into guys too, lol.

  • @'darqmyst':

    Fantasizing about taking it from Sayako or working Sayako orally, OK that's probably more than a little bi.

    Gotta be careful not to associate the acts of anal and oral sex with gender preference. Otherwise every guy that likes anal stimulation for example, even from his female partner, is labeled bi.

    I also see the need to separate the penis from association with another man. This fantasy / fetish is about "the phallus," as a sexual organ. I claim the same is true in the case of straight men who enjoy "shemale" porn since a female is being conveyed and the shemale identifies as female. The same shemale in male form would likely be a turn off to the heterosexual male observer. There's really a lot of gray area though.

    It's really important that the status-quo doesn't pass sweeping judgment. I don't know the statistics on how many straight men enjoy futas or even shemales vs. bi or gay men that do, but an incorrect popular opinion could be scarring to someone who is being told they are something they are not.

    To finally answer the OP's question:

    I do not believe that porn can change someone's gender preference. I think that's innate, so long as you already know who you are and what you like. Otherwise any kind of porn can lead you down a confusing path.

    Additionally, if it were possible to change one way, then it stands to reason that people would be able to turn straight from gay. To my knowledge, there aren't many, if any, honest cases of that happening.

    By the way kudos to the 3D artists here, not just for futa. You really seem to capture a lot of sensuality in your characters. Would be interesting to hear how the artists feel about their own work and where they derive inspiration from.

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