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  • I was reading your post, really nice. Looking forward to more posts. But do you know How to fix "HotMail not working?" problem? No? This will help you to get out of this problem.

  • Ah blitz3d, I used to do some stuff with this ages ago. But never really got more than controlling a figure with a gun running around and a basic function of shooting some projectiles with collision detection :)

    I love the simplicity and ease of use though, even with the gfx engine just being dx7 or whatever it was…

    All the best of luck with the games youre doing. From the looks they seem to be quite nice.

  • The engine is blitz3d. Yes, those models created and rigged by us.

    Guys if you like to create art and concept (characters, backgrounds, story) please contact me via email support [@]
    I like to programming adult sex games. So we can create a game together. A simple FLASH quest or complete 3D game adventure. Whatever. Suggest please.

  • Hey cool stuff, lemme know if you need someone working to create storyboards, background concepts, story concepts, character concept developments, or almost any thing in the preliminary artwork stage.


  • The models look a little blocky. What type of engine youre using, and are those models self made and rigged?

  • Looks pretty cool. The trailer is pretty impressive.

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