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  • Account balance lets you know, how much money is left in your app’s account. But if the account balance isn’t visible that means either you have nothing in your account or the page was loaded incompletely. But if you don’t think that’s the case, then you can use the Cash App Phone Number to speak with the representative and get the issue resolved.

  • Ooh.. this Brisbane Festival looks amazing… I'm starting to think that I should skip the wilderness attractions and just explore and experience this festival's last week. Sounds like a perfect place to just hang out and see some culture and the people. Lots of stuff going on that week! That sounds like a fun adventure! :D

  • Hmm… well I'll poke around the internet a bit. I wanna do at least one "nature tour" to see some Australian wildlife, but I also want to attend some kind of event that would attract the comic book or video game types like me. Or if there's nothing like that going on, anything motorcycle related would be sweet too...

    And forgive my naive-ness. But what is the weather like in October-November? Isn't that Australian spring time?

  • administrators

    tell me something new :P

    oh, you want me to play tourist guide?? … um, don't think I'm the best man for the job, but if you give me an idea of kind of stuff you want to see, I'm sure we can come up with something :)

  • Umm… anyone ALIVE out there?

    Really? Over 50 people read that and nothing? I know it was a bait and switch, but come on folks! Not even another example of Australian awesome or theories as to why? or at least a "wow" or "here here"?!


    Whatever. I know awesome when I see it. grumble grumble

    I'm gonna go just you watch! I might even buy Miro a dinner and some drinks if he's willing and around! XD


    J/K You know I love you guys :D

    I am serious about buying ya a few rounds or lunch, Miro. If I happen to find myself planning a trip to your country late this year. I'm planning on flying to Taiwan to see family, but I'm taking a total of 3 weeks off and there's a few other countries on that side of the world I've always wanted to see. So I guess the real question to Miro would be:

    Any suggestions for a potential tourist like me? Or where to start looking? Right now I've just kind of browsed the Australian tourist website, but there's soooo much on there I'm not sure how to narrow it down to "Stuff Darqmyst Might Like". Hahahaha!

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