What Causes The Peeling of Your Lips

  • In the cold winter, the dry climate makes our skin extremely vulnerable to water shortages and seriously injured. Lips are peeling.And we will find this bad lips when we look into the Hollywood Illuminated Makeup Mirror which LED lights can help us see every detail about our face. That’s too bad! I believe most people have experienced this. So what causes the peeling of the lips? What should I do if my lips are peeling? Let's take a look with the editor of Oriental Women's Network.
    Lack of water. It may be due to your lack of drinking water for a long time, which causes dry mouth and cracking. Then it is necessary to replenish water in a timely manner, and at least to ensure that the human body needs moisture content every day.
    Air drying. Drying the air may also cause dry mouth and dead skin, so you can bring lipstick on your side when you go out and apply some lipstick in time.
    Allergies cause cheilitis. Cheilitis is rarely heard in our lives, but it does not mean that there is no such disease. Some people are weak and easily cause allergies, leading to the occurrence of cheilitis.
    Heat accumulation in the spleen and stomach. The most important factor causing skin peeling is the heat accumulation in the body. The spleen is open to the mouth, and its bloom is on the lips. The spleen and stomach are hot, and the blood and fluid are insufficient, and the lips will dry and peel. It is recommended not to eat fat and thick taste, pay attention to a light diet, eat less spicy and stimulating food. Also pay attention to the rules of life. Participate in outdoor sports and improve spleen and stomach function.
    Lack of vitamins. If your lips are chapped and there are white secretions, it may be caused by a lack of vitamins. Therefore, at this time, eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamins.
    What should I do if my lips are chapped?
    Lip cracking and peeling need to apply honey to moisturize the lips. Lip cracking and peeling are due to the loss of water from the lips skin, and honey has a good skin care effect. When the lips are cracking and peeling, applying a little honey on the lips can not only moisturize the lips. , Can also lock the moisture for the lips, and can protect the lips skin, prevent lips from cracking and peeling. If there is no honey, use olive oil or vitamin E capsules instead.
    We need to remove dead skin when our lips are cracked and peeled. When our lips are cracked and peeled, there will be a lot of dead skin on our lips. Of course, these dead skins need to be removed. Mouth rupture and bleeding, in addition to using lip balm, you can let the lips steam against the steam for a few minutes, and then apply the lips with a hot towel, so that the dead skin on the lips can easily fall off.
    Dry chapped skin requires hot compress method. Lip chapped skin is not only because the skin of the lips is dehydrated, but also because the water on the lips is easy to lose, you can use hot compress method to moisturize the lips. First apply a layer of honey or olive oil to your lips. Vitamin E is also fine. Then cover a piece of plastic wrap on the lips, and finally wet a towel with hot water and apply it on the plastic wrap. You can take it off for a few minutes. The lips are not only rosy, but also very supple and shiny.
    Lip chapped skin needs to be treated with a lip mask. In winter, you can buy professional lip mask for lip care. You can also make a simple hydrating lip mask at home, which also has very good results. Take an appropriate amount of olive oil and honey and mix well, then dip it with a cotton swab, apply it on your lips, and wash it with warm water after 20 minutes. Or apply it at night before going to bed and wash it in the morning. Lip cracking and peeling can not only alleviate, but also make lips hydrated.
    Lips and chapped skin need to keep lips clean and often apply lipstick, but incomplete makeup can easily cause lips to chapped and peel, and even suffer from "lipstick disease", so if you want to use lipstick, we recommend applying a layer of lip balm before applying makeup. When removing makeup, it is recommended to use a milder lip makeup remover, and the makeup removal action should be as gentle as possible, but the makeup must be clean and in place, and the lips can be chapped and peeled gradually.
    Lips and chapped skin need to be supplemented by the body. In fact, lips and chapped skin are mostly due to lack of water and dry lips or vitamins. Therefore, if the lips are often dry and peeling, drink plenty of water, and remember to apply lip balm to replenish the skin moisture of the lips from the inside to the outside so that the lips can restore moisture more quickly. If you usually do not like to eat vegetables, which leads to vitamin deficiency and chapped lips, you should get rid of picky eaters, eat more fruits and vegetables, or take vitamin tablets to supplement your body's needs to relieve the chapped lips.

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