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  • As the cyber threat landscape evolves with escalating speed, it takes smarter Cyber Security Services to successfully protect your organization. With the right combination of cyber defense solutions and information security technology, you can operate more successfully in a world where everything is increasingly linked together. As a market-leading provider of end-to-end cybersecurity solutions, Optiv partners with organizations to plan, build, and run successful cybersecurity programs. Our methodology provides actionable steps to secure systems more effectively and provide recommendations to improve compliance with a wide variety of regulatory frameworks. Vulnerability assessments to identify, quantify, and rank vulnerabilities based on the risk they pose. Penetration testing, where our security experts attempt to breach the information security controls of your organization using the same tools and techniques that real-world attackers employ. Breach simulation services that depart from traditional testing methodologies to simulate an attacker's actions, including the use of subterfuge, distraction, and social engineering, with the goal of highlighting the impact of a breach to your organization.

  • Who remembers these companies?

    Hot Potato

    Every one sold out to Facebook and disappeared. Here is the coming name of Oculus: Facebook VR. Personally, I feel bad for Palmer because he really thinks he is doing something good for his company, not understanding how he will be gone in a few years :(

  • The only way this could get worse is if Electronic Arts buys exclusive rights to make the games.

  • I'm waiting to see how things turn out. John Carmack and now Michael Abrash seem to be fine with it. I pre-ordered it on the 19th way before all this Facebook stuff went out. I was gonna cancel my pre-order of the DK2, but decided to keep it. Was planning on doing some developmental stuff with it with UE4.

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  • John Carmack taking orders from Mark Zuckerberg.

    John Carmack taking orders from Mark Zuckerberg…

    John Carmack taking orders from Mark Zuckerberg.....

    John Carmack taking orders from Mark Zuckerberg......

  • Get ready for Oculus Rift-supported Farmville!

  • This is from the creator of Oculus Rift:

  • Its the first among many honestly, as previously mentioned other big companies have started their own variants. Its disappointing that facebook purchased it for sure, and given the nature of their business somewhat alarming as well. They are just desperately trying to stay relevant during the age of adblock in an already brutal industry. I have a feeling this project will end up shelved somewhere (or sold off) before we see any practical facebook functionality.

    In regards to 3DX, whats really important is the hardware. Hackers/modders will have their way with this kind of gear undoubtedly opening it up for less "regulated" markets.

  • Sony had already demo products of their vr thing, but as far as i know it is limited to the PS4.

  • I get a feeling that Facebook is going to try to do their won thing out of if, will probably fuck shit up in the process. But hey, apparently Valve is making a headpience just like the Rift and from what I've read from people who have tried it out, it kicks the Rifts's ass :)

  • administrators

    well considering we know what facebook's stance on porn is, this obviously bad news for 3DX

    indies might have a harder time going through more regulation, but other than that for games and regular stuff this should be good spose, although that doesn't interest me much :)

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