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  • Guys….I really have to get a better system....the last few years have been tough....only now are we getting able (almost) to be able to build a better machine....I only have a 1 gig card in this! It is a wonder that I can produce as well as I can! I am afraid that I have to settle for learning to use Vray to improve my renders for now...I am afraid I am stuck for the next few weeks.....! I will be hanging-around the Forum learning all I can in the meantime! Thanks to all of you for the kindness that you have shown! A bit embarrassing for me I must admit....but I will build a better rig as soon as I can! ....I just looked-up that! ....I am not sure that I will live long-enough to get one of those!

  • Heya Jim22,

    Your baseline system is almost meaningless when it comes to octane. You can put a 780 GTX in almost any system that can run Studio or Poser and rock out with the best of us. Only compiling your scene (pushing it to octane) is bottle necked by your x86 CPU.

    If you have any more questions, just ask here and provide your exact mobo and current hardware.


  • My machine is a quad core duo with 8 gig and Octane really doesn't like it. But I am also running a GeForce 480 so you have to take that with a grain of salt.

  • Thanks everyone for the replys…I really appreciate the info and encouragement! I am grateful to hear that others use Cinema 4D too....and I am going to take a look at Octane for rendering (although my quad processor is an older one and I kinda' think it won't work with Octane and I have only 8 gigs of ram). I would have answered earlier....but one of our machines fried the mother-board on I had to setup my render machine to get on the internet! I will post some of my progress soon....and again, thank you all for being so kind to this oldtimer.....!

  • Just enjoy yourself with your efforts in 3DX creation, don't worry about finding perfect programs or creating perfect pictures. (Have you read a post by ANY artist on this site saying "My art is now perfect"?…no? that should tell you something)

    Instead just try to be better and make better things :)

    Now show us what you make!

  • C4D is just the perfect application for 3D in my eyes, especially when you are not a pro. Its easy to work with and get into, has alot of comfort in workflow (something that most other apps like Maya and Max simply do not offer), and it usually gets some nice additions every year.

    Every year I take a look at max and maya, but C4D always draws me back because it just feels so much more sophisticated in terms of workflow and stability of the features.

  • The perfect setup is the one that works for you. I have wanted to learn so many other tools, but I always come back to Poser because I have been working with it since the '90s and I know it like the back of my hand.

    Use what you love, but always produce. Always try new things, different lighting, different texture setups, different shaders, different render settings. Always be 13 years old and never lose your search for wonderment. That is what keeps you going. Age is nothing. Ralph McQuarrie worked until he dropped. ;)

  • well… posing with daz studio, rendering with octane now and editing models with zbrush/c4d

    and compared to others i use photoshop a lot, editing little mistakes and postworking

    thats completely different :D i dont think there is a good/perfect setup

  • I can't say that I'm a real Pro, but I'm have similar setup as you I guess, I use Poser for posing, (that sounds funny) and Cinema 4D with Vray for rendering, lightning and so on. I know that some other have the same or a similar software setup. So it can be a good path you chosen

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