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  • When it comes to commercial game development 20 dollars a month for an engine is peanuts. A steal really considering all the potential it has. I would give it a few months before jumping in though, they don't have all their code documentation up and it still needs platform testing. Exciting stuff though.


    Apparently there is a Engine war brewing. Cry engine having just undercut Unreal engine by 10 bucks a month (without licensing fees?). From a developers perspective having access to Unreal's source code is a game winner.

  • Ah well, 20 bucks shouldnt really matter when youre going for a game project that will sell some copies :)

    I look at it this way. The time spent with this is time that I wont be doing online games and whatnot, thus I wont spend a buck on those things, which means I can use it on this instead. I will probably not play with it until the summer though, not alot of time right now :|

  • I don't know, H, $20 bucks monthly for an engine? I think I like the Crytek free one better.

  • Oh wow and it seems Unity is making some progress aswell. What a coincidence :D

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