Innovative Technology Dubai

  • Technology undoubtedly is one big aspect of businesses that rules them. Without good technology, it is indeed very difficult to survive in this advanced market.
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    We at Blupord, understand the gravity and importance of technology and stay updated with the freshest tech systems, softwares and web solutions. We are updated with all the latest technology in market and also follows the trends of technology which would be enough to understand the needs of the customer.

    Blupord is best for providing the innovative technology in Dubai.

  • Thanks for your time to answer! and maybe someday you will show us this hidden work as a relic of the past!

    It is still your first work that put you on the 3D Map ^^

    Keep on the good work!

  • administrators

    thanks for the interest, but this old work should forever remain hidden from now on, it's so dated now :)
    I think she looks a lot better these days, I prob have older works berried somewhere, but likely not worth digging up, heh

    No I didn't have a visual for Tara until later, at first she was just a name in Ayako's story, then I created her to take up her part in the story, but she claimed a life of her own for a while :) … and now she's hanging out with Ayako's sister, Tara's a naughty girl for sure :D

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