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  • ^ Not everyone can afford Octane or has compatible hardware…hence the use of Lux :)

  • i tried both renderers now, luxrender with this 4790 cpu and octane with 3x gtx870 in my new rig. results may be a matter of taste but compared to speed luxrender is a nightmare :)

  • @'Jimjim':

    Out of curiosity what would be the best CPU to get for Lux rendering?

    If you're on a (relative) budget or don't want to overclock I recommend an Intel i7 4790

    I've had 500 samples per hour in luxrender using one, and never get less than 300

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    Thank you everyone for the helpful information.
    I ended up upgrading my motherboard and GPU'S.
    I am now running 2 GTX 770's 4GB.


    Out of curiosity what would be the best CPU to get for Lux rendering?

    well generally more cores are better, but intel is generally more powerful so a 6 core would out perform an 8 core amd (check the rendering benchmarks)
    for consumer grade a 6 core intel is likely best, if you want even faster higher core xeons are best imo and you can pick them up pretty cheaply second hand

  • Thank you everyone for the helpful information.
    I ended up upgrading my motherboard and GPU'S.
    I am now running 2 GTX 770's 4GB.

  • Out of curiosity what would be the best CPU to get for Lux rendering?

  • jesus. 4 gtx 780ti :)

    all of my parts just came in for the new build:
    4770k i7 intel processor
    650w 80+ gold S12g psu
    gtx 780 gigabyte gpu
    250 gb samsung evo ssd
    z87-A motherboard (to save some money)
    16 gigs g.skill sniper RAM

    i thought this was a good build until i saw what you guys are running lol
    will i be able to render fast enough with a CPU oriented render engine? if i upgrade to 32 gig of ram?

    i just realized most professionals run intel processors with 6 cores and hyperthread them os run dual processors like xeon so they can essentially have 12-32 cores working altogether … man i thought i made a good investment on this build lol :\

    *Miro, how long did it take you to render each of your scene (chapter) from your grilfriend4ever animation? just out of curiosity.

    and how come most of you are going the GPU render route as opposed to getting those Intel xeon e5 processors for CPU rendering?

    *IF ANYONE WANT A GOOD LAUGH: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=23&t=1181950

    lol this guy willing to spend $1,7,000 on his workstation as a first year cg student lol needless to say, he got a mouthful from the real professionals in the industry hehe.. i actually learned a lot after reading that thread since i'm building a new computer myself at the moment

  • @'PervisMaximus':

    gotcha. my card is 2GB and def need more.

    BTW the 6GB 780 SC is in stock ATM at newegg.

    I hear you. I did Dead Tide 1 / 2 on 2GB (two 650ti) and I hit 2GB ALOT.

  • The one in Sup's newegg link is back in stock. It's almost 1AM 5/14/14 here in pacific time zone. Wonder how long it'll last. I'll say about 6 hours at most.

    Requires 600W PSU to drive one, 42A minimum on the 12V rail…so two would require, what, 1200W or more?
    ...shit. Low end hobby welders are 70-90 amps. Using heavy duty metal cased ones with screw bolt terminals if you want to make it DC output.

    I can just imagine what their catastrophic failure would be like.

  • gotcha. my card is 2GB and def need more.

    BTW the 6GB 780 SC is in stock ATM at newegg.

  • I consistently sit at 2.2 to 2.5 GBP per scene. I do use a lot texture reuse to keep things manageable. I would prefer 6 GB for sure…

  • @'gazukull':

    Me either, I have yet to hit 3GB RAM limit… so I am just getting a fourth 780 GTX 3GB...


    how close have you gotten?

  • Yep exactly. The results count, and images rendered with Redshift look just the same as with Octane or Lux or any other unbiased pathtracer in terms of reflections and colour brilliance. The devs are just clever enough to use approximations where it makes sense, to sustain the amazing speed advantage that the gpu calculations offer.

    The only thing that keeps me from buying is that I dont want to jump through dozens of loops for re-assigning materials on every new pose one by one. Sadly the material system in both Maya or XSI does not offer a quick way to do this. In C4D its one drag operation of a list of icons into a new place, in Max you got multitextures which you can just slap back on the object, so things will be mostly hassle free I hope :)

  • @'PervisMaximus':


    That's the "You gotta pay to play." charge. :D

    i guess so. i'm not paying it tho. i'll wait thank you very much. i might wait for the reference cooler version.

    Me either, I have yet to hit 3GB RAM limit… so I am just getting a fourth 780 GTX 3GB...

    @HZR - If someone made a good plugin for Redshift I think that would be something to look at. I give two shits about it being biased... In fact, I am all for it....

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  • Interesting stuff, gonna wait until the Maxwells will be in a decent price range. Probably end of the year or sometime next year. By that time there should be a 3dsmax version of Redshift3D, possibly even one for Modo or C4D.

    Complex interior scenes with high quality sss shaded figures in 1080p resolution are rendered out in 5-10 minutes with this. Noise free. This renderer will be a total game changer tbh.

  • @'gazukull':

    That's the "You gotta pay to play." charge. :D

    i guess so. i'm not paying it tho. i'll wait thank you very much. i might wait for the reference cooler version.

  • That's the "You gotta pay to play." charge. :D

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