Know unique name on Cash App Customer Service phone number?

  • $Cashtag is a unique identifier on Cash app account which is created by the user itself. It is basically a payment URL, that is used to make a secure transaction. You can refer this URL to your family and friends to make payment. As well as it is also used for anonymous. For further issues, contact on Cash App Customer Service phone number.

  • Android strippers? Hell yeah. Just put a RealDoll skin over them. Hopefully we'd eventually have something that looks more realistic than that though.

    I'd LOVE to see androids to start doing jobs. They could clearly be strippers - pole dancers anyways. I doubt they could give lap dances for awhile though. They could probably have them working at fast food chains and retail outlets too. Androids would be great as surgeons as well… imagine, a doctor with no mistakes, an absolutely steady hand, and humanly impossible precision and perfection. They've already made steps in that direction with the Da Vinci surgical system.

    In one of my utopian scenarios I'd have the entire workforce as androids save for stuff like artists and the like. The only thing is that with more and more of the workforce becoming androids we'll have to change from a capitalist society to one more like communism or socialism.

  • Yeah they'll do it just how you like…to within a tolerance of 1 micron :D

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