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  • Definitely a short-sword & shield, maybe a spear…. I'd get hoplite on them.

  • Bolter

    The Emperor protects.

  • Definitely a five foot long war hammer, with a omni-slot in its top for blades, so that if I somehow missed smashing my target, then the last six inches of metal protruding out beyond the end would still decapitate… Boo-yeah! And when the blade breaks, I just insert another one. Indestructible weapon right there!

    But hold on, there's more! The shaft can be unscrewed from the hammer head, turning it into a quarterstaff!

    My secondary would be a brain grenade, so the zombies would gather around it before getting blown to smithereens! (Yeah, like in L4D.)

    My main would be a rocket propelled Gatling grenade launcher, with scope, (otherwise known as a 'machine-gun bazooka sniper rifle') for taking down zombie bosses from a distance.

    Okay, so the last two are a total farce, for the bladed war-hammer is all I need. "Dareth ye come at me, foul corpses?!"

  • @'Blain':

    If you could have 3 weapons to fight a zombie invasion what would they be, but you can only have 1 main, 1 side arm, and 1 melee weapon ? :p

    Cavalry Horse (!)
    Cavalry Saber (slashing vs poking variety)
    Metal Flagpole "Spear"

  • In the spirit of realism I'd go for melee/nonprojectile weapons, specifically the ones that I already have training in. I'm told that the differences between a sword, a bat, and a hatchet for instance are pretty substantial, and just because you know how to use one it doesn't mean you can properly use another. Differences in center of gravity, moment of inertia, even your mental interpretation of what to do with the weapon. So my three would be:

    Bamboo stick, boxing wraps, axe.

  • Sod the weapons I would have this :D


    A sabre, some fart spray (zombies hate that) and a pogo stick (doubles as a means of escape and a weapon).

    Tape the fart spray and your sabre to the pogo stick, that way you can do a fart slash combo :P

  • A sabre, some fart spray (zombies hate that) and a pogo stick (doubles as a means of escape and a weapon).

  • I wouldn't bother with guns against zombies. In an apocalypse ammo will be hard to come by since those will be the first places to be looted and the gun will be completely useless once you run out of ammo. First, I'd make these preparations…

    1. Backhoe
    2. Chainsaw
    3. Razor wire
    4. Plenty of 2x4's & nails
    5. post digger
    6. cement
    7. steel beams & rods
    8. welder/torch
    9. ropes & pulleys
    10. some kind of lining like they use for pools

    First I dig a deep trench around the perimeter of my place and fill it with razor wire, coat it with a pool-like lining, then cover that in a few inches of dirt and fill the entire thing with some kind of acid that would eat through human flesh but not the lining, then I use the post digger for the base for the steel beams I'm going to put in the ground. I make a high fence using steel beams & rods with razor wire hanging over the top edge pointed outwards so it's very hard to cross without getting all cut up and I weave razor wire through the entire fence structure. Then I'd use the chainsaw to cut down trees and make them into sharp wooden spikes and put an entire row of them behind the fence and cemented into the ground, which would give the fence extra stability against a horde of zombies trying to knock it over and also for the pit filled with wooden spikes and razor wire that would be behind the fence that zombies would fall onto and get impaled on if they made it over the fence. Chances are, they'd be in pretty rough shape if they managed to make it that far...

    I'd have a gate which would be like a section of the wall that would raise and a draw bridge to get out myself if I needed, which I'd use pulleys and such for.

    At the house itself I'd weld steel rods across all the windows and reinforce the doors with steel, including beams that go down into cement making it virtually impossible to get in once it's lowered. I'd cover the sides of my house in razor wire. I'd reinforce my roof with steel and build a staircase onto my roof so I could use it as a tower. I'd mount ballistas on my roof. Most of my home itself and some of my yard I'd convert to greenhouses so I could grow food since there's no way I could go out for groceries, and I'd also keep some animals around to eat, namely chickens, since I love chicken and they'd produce eggs as well as be able to eat the vegetable waste.

    Soooo, I suppose... main weapon: ballista, side-arm: crossbow, melee: katana.

    None of the weapons I chose would run out of ammo since unlike bullets it'd be easy to make new ammo.

  • oh man. going to go record some dead rising 3 just for this topic :D

  • I'll take a folded titanium bladed samurai sword sharpened by lasers to have a cutting edge 1 molecule in diameter, and an Armtrac 600 (my ride and my weapon :D)

    And a crowbar (worked for Gordon Freeman)

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