Cybersecurity Service in Egypt

  • At Ecolog we are aiming to redefine the boundaries of what is possible today in a wide range of applications from predictive analytics, energy distribution, asset surveillance all the way to connected and autonomous mobility. In a world of interconnectivity and integration on the one hand and rising complexities and conflicts, on the other hand, protecting critical infrastructure in defence and energy sectors are of paramount importance to the nations. At Ecolog we work tirelessly to ensure offering end to end solutions to our clients and customers. In doing so we also rely on world-leading strategic partners. We provide best Cybersecurity services in Egypt to know more details visit our website.

  • not super rude, but it kinda bugs me when people don't hold the door for the next person going thru behind them…now i don't mean to stand and hold the door like a doorman and wait for the next guy to go thru, i just mean something as easy as giving the swinging door a light push acknowledging that u know there's someone behind you.

    People talking on cell phones in a theatre are still annoying but it has improved alot in our area.

  • Grammar.

    Everyone was taught how to speak well throughout their school years. There is no cause to speak in any fashion other than properly constructed sentences. I can forgive non-native speakers, but I am appalled at anyone who cannot be bothered to form a coherent conversation, especially in the days of spell check.

  • @'Tiffany':

    Ignoring me.

    Anyway, playing with people online can get tiresome when they constantly shout the N-word at you.

  • Ignoring me.

  • I fucking hate people who burp out loud like they're trying to assert their dominance or mark their territory, it's revolting.

  • Using telecommunications in the presence of others.

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