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  • Added some images, been toying around with some perspectives and whatnot.

    Quick question for any visiting, as of right now I'm using Daz 3D with Genesis 2 (+ Body Morphs).

    Before I sink any money into the wrong thing, would it be worth getting Victoria 4.2, or 6? 4.2 seems to have ++ Morphs and Natural Gravity Morphs for it, but unsure if they work for 6.

    Second, is AniMate 2 worth investing in for animation? I'm clueless on how to get started with it but the bundle seems to come with a decent amount of scripts.

    Any help would be awesome.

  • Cheers miro. I think the only thing standing between me and skill increases (easy to quantify as gaming upgrades) is price, I'm broke, so each month I plan on buying some new stuff, this month is AniMot 2, or whatever it's called, for some easy scripts so I can animate Gem and a situation based around her taking some cock.

    But, learning translation instead of basic pre-built poses is the biggest challenge facing me and 3DX.

  • administrators

    well good start so far, good luck on your journey :)

  • Yeah, needs a ton of work, but as each month passes I plan on buying some new stuff and spending some time crafting her. It's a ton of fun doing this, more so than I realised with Poser.

    I should have a new render out at the end of this week with the new Gem.

  • Nice render. She needs a navel morph :)

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