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  • Oh yeah, I will check that stuff out. Just not alot of time lately as you probably may have noticed on my activity levels around the forum :)

    This one here also shows how to setup Brekel Pro Body and Motionbuilder. I am not sure if this will capture complex motions however. But it does look nice at first glance and should be really quick.


    The problem with those capture programs is almost always the way they interpret the bone to bone positions, so most of the realtime ones I have tried, they had problems getting complex motions working and things like getting on all fours, doing pushups, crawl around etc etc were almost impossible to do for them. Also, not sure if Brekel is able to make use of two kinects, so it might have problems with being jerky because of false interpolation of bone positions, like when it cannot see one of your legs because it is hidden behind the other one due to the angle of view.

    I will most likely check out Pro Body in a while, but currently not alot of time on my hands. But once I have gotten to it I will give you some impressions :)

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    yeah ask HZR, I'm been meaning to get a couple, which apparently makes the mocap more accurate, but haven't gotten around to it yet

  • I thought HZR uses a Kinect?

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