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  • For the most part is a secret. Even if buddies at work talk about porn. I stick to vanilla stuff and do not mention anything specific other than maybe "I love the full bodied girls with nice curves and boobs like Siri for example". I have a really cool family but the topic of porn just doesn't get brought up. We drink and laugh and tell dirty jokes and stories, but no references to porn.

    Only a small list of my closest friends know about my bedroom tendencies and an even smaller list I told about G4E during the first wave of futa frenzy. These were friends that could appreciate cutting edge erotic CG.

    Other than that. I keep a pretty tight lid on my adult entertainment.

  • …..I live in a town....60 miles outside of Las Vegas, where Brothels are legal (the Chicken Ranch, for one) so most people are pretty open-minded. I just tell them that I am in the Adult Entertainment business...because most of them can't even fathom 3D models! This is real gun-toting redneck country.....!

  • @'hzr':

    Afterall what we do is create entertainment for others. Noone gets violated or hurt, we do not have to engage in sexual acts ourselves or need to abuse others to do this for us. I am sure there are many other jobs in this world that cannot claim that for themselves.

    That were the only condition my mother had when I told it her:"As long as you don't harm anyone, I'm fine"

    It was kind of funny how I told her what kind of website I'm working for. Sometimes my mother ask random strange questions…I have no idea why, one was: "Hey btw. do you look porn?" My answear: " what kind of website do you think I'm working for?" at first she thought that would be a joke. But I showed her the site one time then she was fine with it... after that she told my father about it and his reaction was only something like: " I already guessed that." Well that was everything and every now and then we have some little chats about it, as I said in the first post, random general things. ^^

  • My family is very open minded in general so I have kept them in the know the entire time. We occasionally talk about it and they are also quite comfortable talking about the subject and we even went so far as to look into how the stuff actually works. I did not show them actual porn posing or anything but they showed enough interest to see what it actually IS that I am doing there, so I feel happy that they are not shocked :)

    Afterall what we do is create entertainment for others. Noone gets violated or hurt, we do not have to engage in sexual acts ourselves or need to abuse others to do this for us. I am sure there are many other jobs in this world that cannot claim that for themselves. So, be comfortable with what youre doing guys and gals and have fun creating!

  • My bro know about my 3D stuffs, some of my closest friends too. I waited several years before saying what I'm doing on my comps. I don't remember telling my father what I'm doing, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't really care. I mean, as long as I make money…

    For the others peoples who wants to know, I just say I'm working on 3D games or 'entertainment' stuffs.

  • I come from a very open family so we talk about porn/sex a lot, but then obviously not in the "did you say that new DP scene" sense. I remember when I was little and asked my mother what a dildo was. She shrugged and said: "Oh, just a rubber dick." So I guess that's a fair indication of how much of a taboo sex is where I come from.

    So yes, everyone knows that I've done a few jobs for Affect3D, and no one thinks worse of me for it. Banner and promo set production could hardly be any more innocent when it comes to porn-related jobs though, so if they'd made a fuss I would've looked at em real funny. xD

  • I have only recently decided to go pro with porn, focusing on the game development part over the graphics. My contract with my previous employer ended in December and the offer to sign on for another year wasn't good enough for me. So I decided to start for myself.

    I talk with friends freely about what I do. They are all interested, offering support, feedback and help. When I told one ex-colleague and good friend about my venture into porn he told me that several years ago, after he had finished his IT studies, he thought about starting his own porn sites as well. He still regrets not doing it.

    My family, doesn't know, yet. I don't expect them to have any big problems with it, but they probably expect me to get a "normal" career, like Nova says.

  • For me … having grown up in the American mid-west (smack in the heart of the bible belt), I developed a tendency to avert from convention early on .... I also have no concept of personal boundaries regarding things that "should" or "should not" be discussed; so there is much I won't talk about with people, if they're interested.

    My story is much like Epoch's ... in late 2012, I was laid off from my normal job of 12 years. I did spend a couple of months struggling with the idea of doing erotic art for a living, not at all because I thought it was taboo, but because I wasn't sure of the viability of being able to support myself. Ultimately, I took the plunge in January of 2013. It's been a struggle, but I'm very glad I did.

    As to whom I've told about what I do ... well, pretty much anyone that asks. I'm pretty open about it since I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. As far as my family goes, I actually have a sister that lives local to me and she's one of my biggest supporters ... often telling everyone she knows about what I do. She's even drummed up several erotic and non erotic commissions for me and frequently sends me ideas. Hell, she even bought me business cards for my birthday.

    There have been people that have asked when I'll get back to a "normal" career and even a couple of job offers along the way ... but I can't honestly say that I would step away from what I do now. I love doing it .... and I don't really mind if people don't "approve", because at the end of the day, I'm happy with it and always look forward to work when I get up in the morning. Not a lot of people can say that.

  • On Topic: Occasionally around the family dinner table the topic of porn comes up, I don't go into any more detail than epoch.

    I did make an old gf aware of 3dx a couple of years ago, she was surprisingly open-minded toward the format/genre

  • As far as viewing pornography goes, I don't really talk about it in any more detail than 'I'm a guy… of course I watch porn".

    In relation to my erotic comics, after I was laid off from my job in early 2012 and decided to take a run at the erotic art as a full time job, I found myself having to admit to my mom what I do for a living. After the first year, the unemployment compensation benefits had dried up, and she was starting to wonder how I was paying my bills. So I came clean, and I can't say she was thrilled, but she didn't think it was the worst thing in the world.

    Nowadays, we don't talk about what I do for a living for the most part. Our relationship is the same as it's always been, but we just don't talk about my job. She has kept my secret to the rest of my family (well, my brother and sister know, and they're fine with it), including my grandparents, aunts, and uncles. They all think I do mainstream CGI comics for a living. Good thing that none of them are interested in that topic enough to want to see my website, or I'd be in trouble!

    Most of my closest friends also know what I do for a living, and not one of them judges me for it. However, I still keep that information close to the chest when meeting new people, because there is immediate judgement passed when they learn what it is I do. In fact, just recently I was at a happy hour with an old co-worker and my old boss was there. Right before I left, he asked me the leading question of "what it is I'm doing now". He said it in such a way that I knew he already knew but just wanted to hear me say it. So I told him, but asked him to keep it quiet. I don't expect he will, as my old co-worker apparently did not.

    Not to derail the topic, but I'd be interested to hear from other commercial erotic artists out there who are creating their art as their full time job, and who knows about it and how they broke that news to them? I know Gaz's and Ero's story... but I'd be interested in hearing others.

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