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  • @'gazukull':

    @ GateCheck8986

    Totally reading that now. Thanks!

    You're welcome. I stumbled upon it when I googled the Anime "I Wanna Be the Strongest"

  • @ GateCheck8986

    Totally reading that now. Thanks!

  • There's a good doujin series called Ring X Mama about a wrestling fan who's landlord is a retired Women's Wrestler in her mid 30s and he begins screwing her. She and her team have a reunion and it turns into a harem series, where the main character has sex with the team. He even gets it on with rival team members and the "Authority" of the series. Now, while it focuses on mostly the sex and relationships, it does show actual matches to tell the story of the Main Team's rise back to stardom.

  • justinblong on DA has got some great chicks fighting artwork. While I would be just as happy if they were just standing around looking hot, or fisting each other… We make due :D

    Check his stuff out!

  • I really hate to break this to you… but not everything that features sexy girls results in them fucking. And chances are, if they aren't having sex then it's probably not porn. It may be sexy but it's probably not intended for masturbation material. In anime it's called ecchi. When ecchi turns into actually having sex then it goes from ecchi to hentai.

    Take a look at these anime series and you'll begin to understand: Ikkitousen, Queen's Blade

    There are plenty more, but that should help set you on the path.

  • Sound like the Ryona fetish to me. I think people are getting off the idea of the girls hurting each other, ie a violence/pain fetish

  • Sweaty booty is a good thing, I'm with you there, often times you get to see that glistening ass while they fight.

    I remember one person telling me that these women often times are doing it just for the money and fight because they have no other choice. This can work for a dramatic story but how is that erotic? Hmmm.

    It would be interesting to hear from someone who is into this erotic type of art so we can understand where the MAJOR stimulus comes from.

  • I just imagine the smell of their sweaty buttcheeks… usually nut without touching my cock.


    No you are right. I don't get it either.

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