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  • I finally got G2 installed in Poser, shows up and everything. Now…what the hell is up with the clothes? I try to load and conform them, but boy howdee! If added without being conformed, they are just fine, but if you conform them to the character, they blow up to 80% bigger than they should.

    Anyone have a link to a fix for this?

  • I had issues and started to learn DAZ3d and reality (have the octane plugin for DAZ also)

    I do recall this happening to me, have you treid to dile the body in after you load the G2 figure, select figure -> body check for Actor morphs i think? I found some of the figures there and some would load on double clicking, it was hit or miss for me.

    The other issue you may run into is Zbrush, G2 mesh exports from Psoer and its imposible to modify however i have not tried to reduce sub D on figure then export, I think ill re look at that.

    On that note , be sure to dial down SUBD on figures or you may see Poser crashing issues or. I also used the setting - at launch behavior choose external instead of embedded - it seemed to help with stability.

    All taht said im done with DSON ;) I will lern use DAZ slowly and use it with G2 figures.

  • I gave up on that one buddy :( thats why i moved to daz

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