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  • Between this, the understudy scarcely gets at whatever point for focusing on his scholastics. The understudies are not set up to give a foreseen extent of time to their understudies and assignments.
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  • Head morphs from older figures. Like for example some of the morphs from V4. With the gen-x plugin you will be able to transfer the shape of the faces over to that figure, and also expressions should work for the most part.

    Good example would be the movie star face shapes from WERTS, which you usually cannot use on genesis2, only after some painful trial and error with the transfer tool. And then they sometimes still look odd, especially expressions etc.

  • @'hzr':

    And once the Generation-X2 plugin arrives at the stores, you can mix and match freely with all the head shapes from V4-G2 anyways

    So I'm clear…what do you mean by headshapes?

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